ABCFam Catchup and Spoilers!

ABCFam Catchup and Spoilers!

Posted by Dustin on 02.24.2014 at 9:43 pm

鼎宝福彩ABC Family was pretty much the only network still showing shows throughout the Olympics, at least shows that I blog about. However I was in Olympic fever mode, so I watched many later on-demand. This post just gives some quick thoughts on the shows, as well as spoilers for upcoming episodes.

The Fosters
So I’m glad Callie is back home, and honestly I’m glad she did the right thing and ended it with Brandon. I’m sure that’s not over, but it needed to happen. I will miss the girls in the home and really hope we get to see some updates on them through the rest of the season.

I’m glad to see the legal issues with Steph and her Ex Mike are behind them. However Brandon is going off the deep-end in a big way, and he’s going to end up in some huge legal troubles of his own soon. It will not be pretty, and I see a lot of blame being unfairly directed at Callie soon.

Pretty Little Liars
鼎宝福彩 The entire outcome of Ezra, under-cover detective/author, was absolutely ridiculous. That was as close to jumping the shark as this show has come. Actually I think it just did. I almost would have preferred he was A and written off at this point. His character has lasted longer than it did in the books. What makes it absurd for me is that he supposedly started this over a fascination with what happened to Alison and “getting the story,” but claims he really did fall for Aria. Really, so you let all this crap happened to her and her friends and still wouldn’t give up the story? You wouldn’t come forward with your evidence? Grrrrrr! No!

We have finally learned the truth about Aunt Tara’s murder, Vickrim killed her for some unknown reason and convinced Danny to take the blame. Danny was convinced he’d only serve a few months, not five years. His father has played him, and now that Danny is out seemingly set him up for another murder to keep his secret. Upon confrontation, Vickrim claimed everything he’s done has been to protect him and his mother. It seems some of the “everything he’s done” has been to sleep with half the town: Jo’s mom, Regina’s mom, who knows who else, all were having affairs with the guy! While Jo’s dad cleared Danny of Regina’s murder, nobody knows he finally did kill someone . . . his dad! His dad fell to his death after a confrontation on some cliffs, and only Jo knows as she was there. They are keeping it hush hush, but the last episode had someone stumbling on his body. I can’t imagine he’s alive after that fall, but who knows.

Spoilers for all three shows below!
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Twisted Summer Finale Thoughts and Twists

Twisted Summer Finale Thoughts and Twists

Posted by Dustin on 08.28.2013 at 8:35 pm

“Twisted’s” Summer finale was last night, and much like “Pretty Little Liars,” most of the shocks came at the end.

鼎宝福彩Joe, upset that Danny and Lacey had been lying to her, shut them out of her life, along with Rico for his knowing about the videotape and the two of them. She ended up turning to that jerk Tyler for support and they did the deed. Barf!

鼎宝福彩Lacey found herself ostracized by her friends, so she and Danny put a plan together to nail the people who have hurt them. At a big soccer party at a diner, Danny showed up and Lacey publicly attacked him and renounced him. This got Lacey’s ex to basically confess that he and another guy on the team poisoned the kid and framed Danny. They didn’t mean to actually send him to the hospital though. This info made its way to Danny’s friend, the one they poisoned, who confronted them all. When they denied it, Lacey confirmed that they were in fact the ones that poisoned him, not Danny. He quit the team and wished them good luck winning the rest of the season without him! Apparently they can’t.

The PI that the mayor hired wanted to drain the lake where Regina’s bracelet was found. The Chief let her, not informing her what he knew . . . that Karen tossed it in there and it was planted in Danny’s locker. Of course he didn’t think anything else would be found, and it got her out of his hair. So it was very shocking when in the lake she claimed to have found the murder weapon! A lead pipe with Regina’s blood and Danny’s fingerprints. She wanted Danny arrested immediately. It didn’t seem fishy to the Chief that she found this in the lake, so she said? Yeah, I always felt the mayor is more involved with Regina’s death than we know, and now I’m convinced of it. They planted that evidence there, which means one of them had it the whole time.

鼎宝福彩Karen blackmailed her tax-evading boss for money in order move her and Danny out of this town and get away for good. That wouldn’t happen though. The Chief and the PI showed up as Karen and Danny were packing to leave. However Danny was tipped off it seems and escaped out his bedroom window.

鼎宝福彩Meanwhile one of Regina and Lacey’s friends came to see Lacey to let her know she’s good in her books. As they looked at some old photos of them and Regina, a huge clue came out. Before she died, Regina had a fight and got scratched on her arm. Regina told them all that the friend did it, but the friend said it wasn’t her. We then saw a flashback, Regina was in a dark car and after she got out she had the scratch and said it was “that bitch.” All the girl could remember about the car was it had Connecticut plates. They haven’t put it together yet, but we saw those plates on the PI’s car as she drove up to Danny’s house at the end.

The final bomb dropped had Joe’s mom make a call to some secret number on the bottom of a vase. She told Vickram she thinks it’s time, he needs to come home. Yup, Danny’s dad is alive! But I think we all figured that one out. My guess is he had to fake his death because of the mayor somehow, and Regina got caught up in all of this somehow. Unfortunately we are no closer to uncovering why the hell Danny killed his aunt.

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Pretty Little Liars and Twisted: Heading Into The Finales . . .

Pretty Little Liars and Twisted: Heading Into The Finales . . .

Posted by Dustin on 08.21.2013 at 1:09 pm

Next tuesday is the summer finales of “Pretty Little Liars” and “Twisted.” I didn’t blog about these shows last week, so this is just some random thoughts about both.

On “Pretty Little Liars,” Hannah’s mom lost Specener’s mom as her lawyer, thanks to A’s scheming and making it look like Spencer’s mom had done something bad. It’s not looking good at all for Ashley. However in the latest episode a witness Hannah met at a school barn dance had information that could clear her mom. It seems he was paid not to come forward, but she convinced him to by the end of the episode. He said that Hannah’s mom left the scene before he saw another girl show up, that’s when he heard shots fired. Hmmmmmm, it could be anyone as Wilden had a lot of enemies. However it’s likely A of course.

A shoe was planted in Emily’s damaged house by A, which of course the cops found. It seems to match prints at the shooting scene. So now A is trying to frame Emily or her mom? I’m so confused!

鼎宝福彩Emily moved into Ali’s old room (awkward!). She later discovered someone had been living in the crawl space under the house and had poked holes in the floor to peep on someone. The girls all suspected CiCi, who they think has a vendetta against them thanks to Ali getting her kicked out of college.

Alison’s mom told Emily that CiCi and Alison had an unhealthy relationship where they seemed to take on the personality of the other at times. Hmmmmmmm. Has CiCi snapped? Does she think she really is Ali?

鼎宝福彩The girls all seem to be convinced CiCi is redcoat, but it would seem it’s not that easy. By the end of the episode we saw a girl with long blond hair in an A-team hoodie listening at Ezra’s door as Ezra told Aria that he found out his son isn’t his son. Basically his baby mama lied so that Ezra’s mom would pay her to go away. We eventually saw that the girl was CiCi! However we then saw someone else, the real A perhaps, making a doll of CiCi and adding it to their collection of liar dolls. So I assume CiCi is not redcoat, nor working for them? Is she on A’s hit list too?

鼎宝福彩The previews for next week’s episode looked amazing. I just hope we get a fricken pay-off! Oh and I hope we find out who that mysterious woman in black from the opener/funeral is.

鼎宝福彩“Twisted” this week was simply a recap of the first 10 episodes before the finale. Danny ended up getting expelled when the poisoning scandal from the soccer team came to light. A hearing to save him from expulsion got heated, with Jo confessing her feelings for Danny publicly, and Danny’s mom telling Regina’s mom exactly what kind of girl her daughter was! That was pretty awesome.

The big twists were that some jealous nerd girl sent the video of Danny and Lacey to everyone in the school. Also the mayor hired a PI to help the Sheriff catch Regina’s killer, and the PI seems dead set on proving Danny did it. I’ve always been suspicious of the mayor and his wanting Danny to be arrested for the murder. I think he knows who really did it and is covering, unless he himself did it.

Spoilers for the last two episodes of the season below!

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ABC Fams Tuesday Line-Up Thoughts + SPOILERS

ABC Fams Tuesday Line-Up Thoughts + SPOILERS

Posted by Dustin on 08.07.2013 at 8:55 pm

So we are getting pretty close to the summer finales of both “Twisted” and “Pretty Little Liars”

“Pretty Little Liars” has been fairly slow as of late, but this episode got a bit exciting with the return of Jenna, who seems to be losing her eyesight? I guess the operation failed to work for her. Before we get there, Mona confessed to Wilden’s murder and of course Spencer’s mom took her case . . . she must be the only lawyer in town. This lead Hannah’s mom to get out on bail, paid by the church pastor, but she was confined to her house with an ankle bracelet. Probably not good, A is guaranteed to come after her now that she’s trapped in her house. Spencer’s mom meanwhile realized Mona’s account of what happened with Wilden’s shooting doesn’t match up with the facts, so it doesn’t look like Mona did it either . . .

Paige and Emily broke up, but not before Paige threw her an insane party which Shauna and Jenna showed up at together (what what what?). Jenna ended up being pushed into the water and almost died . . . almost. Emily saved her, and Spencer asked Shauna who they are afraid of, Alison? Shauna said Alison was dead, and it’s CeCe they are afraid of. So is CeCe the blonde who is in the Red Coat? I don’t think so, I think it’s the figure from the later books. I won’t spoil it, though my guess is most people have gotten impatient and turned to google and know exactly who it is. I think Shauna finally did put to rest any speculation about Alison still being alive . . . but HOW is she so sure Alison is dead?

By the end of the episode Red Coat was trespassing into a house and leaving something on a piano for Toby. I’m assuming it’s Toby and Jenna’s old house?

There was a bunch of Aria and her new guy, who seem to be dating now; and Ezra suing for custody of his kid . . . I’m really over that whole love story/triangle/whatever you wanna call it.

What ever happened with Alison’s mom moving back home? We never see her anymore. Nor have we seen anything about that mystery woman in black who was at Wilden’s funeral.

Over on “Twisted” everyone’s secrets finally came out. Karen had confessed to killing Regina, but everyone knew she didn’t do it and only did it to save Danny. We finally found out that Danny was given Regina’s necklace after her murder, someone planted it in his locker so he looked like the killer. When he confessed to Jo and Lacey, they were furious he lied to them and Lacey didn’t trust him at all. Jo pretty much figured it out about Lacey and Danny, and Lacey found out her dad likes dudes. Jo’s dad finally did some police work and learned the necklace looks a lot like some bizarre logo on the Desai house . . . once again everything seems to point to Danny’s supposedly dead dad, who probably isn’t dead at all. By the end of the episode Jo’s friend Rico got a video sent to him from someone who taped Danny and Lacey making out in her room . . . That kid is bad news!

Read on for spoilers for the next few episodes of both shows . . .

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Confession Tuesday: Little Liars and Twisted Twists!

Confession Tuesday: Little Liars and Twisted Twists!

Posted by Dustin on 07.31.2013 at 11:15 am

鼎宝福彩So on both “Twisted” and “Pretty Little Liars,” the main twists at the end were two confessions to murders by people we are probably safe to assume didn’t actually commit them . . .

On “Liars” Hannah decided the only way to free her mom was for her to confess to the murder of Wilden. She asked Mona to train her to lie to the cops. Much of the episode was spent with Mona instructing Hannah how to do so . . or was it the other way around? At the very end Mona shocked all by confessing to the murder! Why? Is she nuts again? Does she have a plan? Or has she double-crossed the girls again and is still following A’s orders?

鼎宝福彩Spencer meanwhile learned Wilden made up a bogus report about Toby’s mom’s death/suicide . . . meaning someone could have wanted Wilden killed to keep his mouth shut. Spencer’s mom, when confronted about all this, seemed to really want Spencer to drop it and just help Toby move on. Yeah she knows something!

鼎宝福彩Over to “Twisted,” Lacey and Danny have a hidden secret relationship that Lacey wants to keep from Jo. Jo still has a crush on Danny and wants to come clean, but also seemingly liked this new guy Tyler. Poor Rico still likes Jo though! Danny meanwhile confronted his mother with the idea that his dad was a cheater, and may have been cheating with Regina. His mom was horrified at that idea . . .

Jo’s new friend Tyler got twisted himself in this episode. He’s filming a documentary and seemed to keep setting Danny and his mom up with gross jokes to film. Their yard was basically tee-peed with red jump ropes, and at a party all these guys wore Danny masks as one pretended to strangle someone with a red jump rope, while Tyler filmed of course.

By the end of the show Danny’s mom, who was told about the necklace they recovered from the lake and her being seen throwing something into the lake, ended up confessing to killing Regina. Did she do it? Doubtful! I think she’s trying to protect Danny. I think this goes back to Tara’s murder somehow . . . she felt she didn’t protect him then perhaps?

鼎宝福彩“Twisted” has been picked up for more episodes, slated to return in January with “The Fosters” after both have their upcoming summer finales. “Pretty Little Liars” will have another Halloween episode (which will launch the “Ravenwood” spinoff) and also return in the winter after its summer finale.

Twisted Little Liars: Masks and Necklaces!

Twisted Little Liars: Masks and Necklaces!

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 07.24.2013 at 1:24 pm

鼎宝福彩So on “Pretty Little Liars” the girls’ families continue to be targeted. Oh wait, all except Spencer’s family . . . I still find that odd, and I don’t know why the other girls don’t either? In this episode Mike got framed for destroying Curtis’ car, the jerk that told lies about Aria around school and what she’s willing to do with any guy.

Emily stole Wilden’s apartment key from evidence so they could search his house to find anything to help Hannah’s mom. They just found more evidence he was being paid by A and was on the A team, also that he started the fire that almost killed them all. This royally pissed off A, getting Emily’s mom put on unpaid suspension until the missing evidence/key surfaces. At the end of the show A rigged a car to drive through Emily’s living room window almost killing her mom. Hopefully the two new State Police Cops will realize the girls and their families are being targeted, maybe even helping Hannah’s mom who remains in jail as the main suspect in Wilden’s murder.

Caleb and Toby made headway tracking down a plane A has used to come and go to places, but all ended up in dead ends. I can’t help but remember the pilot Allison befriended to fly her to and from places as Vivian Heartwood. . . Oh and they learned that CiCi Drake was on the plane last, but the guy she paid off to file a fake flight plan didn’t know where it was really going to . . . CiCi, Shaunna, Jenna . . . looks like they are all apart of A team somehow.

The show continues to hint that Red Coat is Allison, or someone who looks a lot like her . . . I hope they hurry up and give us a big reveal before the summer is over! It’s been awhile since we had a good payoff on this show. The last one was Mona . . .

Oh and A keeps sneaking around in more of those creepy masks, the latest looked like Emily . . .

On “Twisted” I still feel like the show is moving at a snail’s pace. By the end of this week’s episode they found Aunt Tara’s necklace in the lake, where the guy Ricco that has the crush on Jo told them to look after seeing Danny’s mom throw something in the lake . . . which was so dumb!

Danny and the girls have figured out that there is some connection between Regina, Aunt Tara and Danny’s dead dad. They just don’t know what. Maybe his dad is not dead?

鼎宝福彩Jo ended up with a crush on Danny, but Danny and Lacey like one another. Lacey even dumped her boyfriend for Danny, but they have to keep things on the DL because she’s afraid of losing her popular status.

Someone poisoned Danny’s friend on the team, and of course the coaches immediately suspected Danny. He was kicked off the team, but they promised not to tell anyone as they thought he was a good kid and didn’t need anymore trouble. Someone is clearly going to a lot of trouble to frame Danny for all these crimes.

Jo and Lacey tried to get Danny to tell them why he killed Tara. He won’t say, only that he was protecting Jo? Something tells me Jo’s mom may be involved somehow. She seems to be the only adult that gives him the benefit of the doubt, possibly because of a guilty conscious? I doubt her dad killed Tara because he seems to be looking so hard for evidence against Danny.

Twisted Little Liars Thoughts and Spoilers . . .

Twisted Little Liars Thoughts and Spoilers . . .

Posted by Dustin on 07.07.2013 at 10:45 am

鼎宝福彩So just some quick thoughts on this past week’s “Liars” and “Twisted,” along with some spoilers.

A continues to target the girls parents, while the two new State Troopers are closing in on the girls and wondering why murder seems to surround them. Hannah’s mom is looking more and more guilty of Wilden’s murder, though obviously it’s a red herring and we know A or someone on her team did it. By the end of the episode it looked like it could be Melissa after a confrontation with Spencer. Melissa said everything she had done had been to protect Spencer! This whole time she was trying to protect Spencer. Spencer wonders if Melissa saw “Red Hood” and if she for some reason thinks Alison is still alive? Is that who she is afraid of? Meanwhile Toby learned his mother may have died because of something she too found out while in the asylum. Everything seems to be leading up to a big twist in the books, which I’ll post a bit about below with the spoilers.

鼎宝福彩Over to “Twisted,” I’m still enjoying this show, but find it is moving EVER so slowly. Why did the dead girl Regina have Aunt Tara’s necklace? What is it about that necklace that’s so important. Are we even sure Danny killed her at this point, or is he covering for someone else? I hope things pick up!

Spoilers and spoiler discussion below!
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The Fosters, Mistresses And More!

The Fosters, Mistresses And More!

Posted by Dustin on 06.13.2013 at 7:45 pm

So this is another general Summer TV post. I’m soon going to split these up, and start including spoilers for the shows. I’m just still trying to get my feet wet with all of them.

First off, I pretty much gave up on “The Have and The Have Nots.” I completely forgot to watch this week’s episode, and I could barely pay attention to last weeks. Maybe I’ll attempt an on-demand marathon at some point, but right now I think that show just stinks.

鼎宝福彩I’m loving “The Fosters” on ABC Family. Sure it’s predictable and quirky at this point, but there is something about it that has pulled me in. I still am trying to learn their names, but piano-boy’s (Brian?) girlfriend is gunna do something bad to Foster girl at some point out of jealousy. I also wonder if the cop-wife will end up cheating on her wife with her ex-husband/new partner. That’s out of the “Queer as Folk” playbook mind you.

鼎宝福彩I’m also enjoying “Mistresses,” as cheesy as it is. I feel like the previews at the end of each episode are giving away WAY too much info though. I feel like I know what is going to happen for half of the season! Given it’s a summer show, I don’t expect ABC to pull it if the ratings are bad (which it seems they are). They probably just won’t renew it.

鼎宝福彩Finally I watched ABC Family’s new show “Twisted” and loved it! I hope it doesn’t become another “9 Lives of Chloe King” though and last for one season. Though after his mystery is solved as to why he killed his Aunt, what is left? That does have me a bit worried. I also worry it will just turn into a “Pretty Little Liars” clone.

That’s about it for now. I also plan to try and watch the first couple of seasons on “Scandal” over the summer since everyone seems to love that show.