Finale Episodes of 666 and Some Thoughts . . .

Finale Episodes of 666 and Some Thoughts . . .

Posted by Dustin on 07.02.2013 at 3:54 pm

鼎宝福彩So ABC has been airing the remaining episodes of “666 Park Avenue” as well as “Zero Hour” on Saturdays. I’m still angry about the cancelation of “666” as it was my favorite new show of the year. These final few episodes still show how good it was, and I really hope we aren’t left with some giant unsolved mystery.

鼎宝福彩Henry has been gearing up for a run for city council, but is slowly becoming a man he never thought he would, using dirty politics and Gavin’s pull with people to get the seat. However he’s justifying it with the “once I’m in there I’ll do good things” excuse. Even Laurel, aka Sasha, didn’t know why her father was helping him. Gavin only said Henry was a good man and would do good things, or something like that. But we all know that Gavin isn’t a good man, right? What the heck is he though? Sasha referred to him as “The Dragon” in her attempt to have a priest kill him. We know The Drake also had that secret society, but we haven’t been able to connect Gavin to them . . . yet.

After Sasha got caught trying to kill her parents, she said she did it because everything they had given her had been at the cost of other people. Gavin said those people were not innocent, they had done very bad things. They then banished her into the stairway in the floor. Gavin has his own way to open it as Jane did with her locket, he used a watch he carries. They then sent Sasha down the steps and to “a new life.” Does it lead to an alternate reality? Or does she just end up with a whole new life?

Last week Jane tracked down the descendants of the man who sacrificed Libby in the past, the one who tried to kill her own grandmother too. She found out he was still alive, well over one hundred, and cursed by what they had done. They were all cursed and could never die it seems . . . . Is Gavin one of them? This guy was in pitiful shape, but after a meeting with Jane he got his youth back somehow. Perhaps Gavin has stayed young or at least healthy by his work at The Drake? Jane had done what the old guy had been waiting years for, and he (and Gavin) kept calling her “the light in the darkness” (or something like that). Hmmmmm . . .

鼎宝福彩Now young again, the man moved into the Drake and into Mavis’ old apartment. Jane eventually figured out who he was through an old photo, and Gavin presumable knew who he was all along. He was also trying to right the wrongs of the past. In his apartment he was making a replica of the dragon tiled floor in the basement, and using the blood of women he’d been killing in the mortar. He kept saying “this time it would be done right.” My guess? He means to sacrifice Jane to make up for not killing her grandma as planned.

Elsewhere the writer, his model lover, and his art gallery owning wife continued with their drama. We learned the model was actually run down years ago and left for dead by the wife, who was drugged out of her mind. Gavin found her paralyzed and gave her her legs back, at a price of course. That’s how she got pulled into this. The wife learned about her husband’s affair and in a drunk and drugged stopper went to the new guys apartment to take him up on an earlier offer. I guess she’s probably mortar by now!

Spoilers for the next and final two episodes below . . . .

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Spoilers For The Final Episodes of 666 in January . . . *Updated*

Spoilers For The Final Episodes of 666 in January . . . *Updated*

Posted by Dustin on 12.21.2012 at 7:37 pm

*Update* It was announced yesterday, after these releases had gone out, that the network was pushing the final episodes until the SUMMER. That’s a long ways away, and things can change by then. My guess is you’ll have to wait for DVD or they’ll air online only . . . .

The final three episodes of “666” air in January! The return of a lost daughter, the secret behind Alexis’ vendetta, and a secret society! I’m thinking we’ll have more questions than answers by time it’s over . . .

Read on for all the spoilers . . .
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666 Park Avenue Winter (Series?) Finale

666 Park Avenue Winter (Series?) Finale

Posted by Dustin on 12.09.2012 at 5:46 pm

Last week was the Winter Finale of “666 Park Avenue.” There should still be around 3 episodes left before the season really ends, as ABC cancelled it and didn’t order any more episodes. However whether they will air them, who knows! ABC has been known to not air remaining episodes of cancelled shows. I’m not even sure what they will fill the spot with? My guess will be Nashville reruns.

The cancellation is a shame, because it’s finally gotten over the weirdness hump and we were getting to some real mysteries. Jane learned not only was her grandmother the little girl in the building, at one point she was there too. She also found out her great-grandfather was one of the men in the photo she found. He seemed to be involved in some secret satanic or pagan society and they were supposed to sacrifice his daughter in some ritual. owever he ended up saving his daughter and sacrificing her nanny.

What is the group they are apart of? What were they trying to do? We may never know! I like to think that maybe whatever they were up to opened that bizarre portal in the basement and maybe they obtained “the box” from it? That is another mystery I hope we get some answers to. What is that red box? I still think it’s probably Pandora’s Box. It’s too small to be the Ark.

The latest episode had Jane conferring with a psychologist trapped in the building named Mavis (Played by Whoopee Goldberg). Mavis made a deal to trade information Jane had to Gavin for her ability to finally leave the Drake unharmed. I couldn’t help but think that was a bad deal, because Gavin could still get her. However once she was outside, she turned into white doves and flew off. Huh? Was she a good spirit trapped there beyond her death? That’s all I could come up with. The white birds were also in stark contrast to the blackbirds also stuck in the walls of the Drake.

鼎宝福彩Jane meanwhile has been getting a little too close to the detective on her case. He believes something is going on in the building, and she’s trying to figure out what really happened to her family. Henry seems to be growing a little more distant too. Someone leaked Jane’s trip to the mental hospital to the press, which could be problematic for his chances when it comes to running for office.

Victor Shaw meanwhile told Olivia that her daughter Sasha was still alive. He said she faked her death because she learned who Gavin really was. She didn’t believe him until he called her and Olivia heard her voice. She demanded Victor take her to Sasha. They ended up at an apartment, but by time they got there it had been vacated. Then Gavin’s assassin shot Shaw and killed him, so now Olivia has no answers or leads left . . . . Meanwhile Gavin went to meet the only person who could have leaked the info about Jane . . . Henry’s new PR person, who is in fact Sasha! Yup, I saw that one coming a mile away.

I hope we get some answers about where things were leading before the show ends. I’d actually love it if the show would get picked up by a cable network, where they could really do more with it and the storylines. That’s probably a long shot though.

First Casualties Of The Season

First Casualties Of The Season

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 11.17.2012 at 6:51 pm

Unfortunately the news broke last night that ABC has canceled “Last Resort” and “666 Park Avenue.”

I’m honestly not sad about “Last Resort” as I had begun to get bored with it. However I am pissed about 666! I really enjoyed that show, but from what I understand it was doing worse in ratings then GCB was in the same time slot.

鼎宝福彩Both shows are to end after their 13th episodes. I just hope we get some kind of closure from interviews with the shows writers and producers.

666: Children of the Drake!

666: Children of the Drake!

Posted by Dustin on 11.13.2012 at 7:14 pm

鼎宝福彩The latest episode of “666 Park Avenue” continued to confuse, but we got a few more answers as well.

鼎宝福彩Jane was determined to leave The Drake, but Henry did not want to. Honestly I can’t figure out who Gavin wants to stay more, Henry or Jane? Gavin put Olivia on the case, and they worked to help Henry buy an engagement ring and propose to Jane.

鼎宝福彩Nona’s grandma Lottie was able to talk long enough in this episode to warn Nona not to let Jane leave the building. Later as Jane dreams, she sees a little blond hair girl skipping in the lobby. This is not the same girl as the girl under the bed. Then Nona appears in her dream telling her that just like her, she’s a child of The Drake . . . What does this mean? A child who just lived there at one point, or BORN there? We saw flashbacks of Nona’s mom being trapped in the elevator and going into labor . . . Was Nona born in the building?

The next day when Nona confronted her, Jane said was positive that she’d never left Indiana until she was an adult. However how then did Nona connect with her in her dreams? Nona then took Jane to her apartment and showed her what her grandma had been collecting for years. News clippings mainly, of people who had gone missing in the building. However she had one photo though, one of Jane as a child in the hotel. It’s the same little girl in Jane’s dream! What what what !?!?!? Clearly Jane was at The Drake, but for some reason doesn’t recall it. My guess is she’s blocked whatever happened out.

By the end of the episode Henry was ready to propose, but Nona needed help . . . Lottie’s gone missing! They foundnd her in the basement, and Lottie in her sleepwalking state grabbed Jane’s amulet/necklace and looked at the ceramic pattern on the floor with it, as if it was an eyepiece. Jane got it . . . Every piece of tile in the pattern is original except for one. It’s a replica piece of her necklace! She pried it out, put her necklace in, and a mysterious staircase opened. Idiotically, Jane descended only to have it close over her head . . .

鼎宝福彩Also going on during the episode . . .

Brian’s run-ins with Alexis continued. However after screwing her, he ran into the doctor and basically figured everything out. Alexis played him, his wife never played “doctor” with the Dr. Evans, and now he’s the one who is screwed. He tried to call it off with Alexis, but she told him she just moved into The Drake. I have to wonder if she’s ALWAYS been in the building? Is she one of the creepy spirits trapped there?

Dr. Evans helped Kandinsky get free as Gavin ordered, but his conscience was getting the best of him. Later at a party, of course hosted by the Dorans, Victor Shaw showed up. Olivia played her part, trying to convince him that she wanted to leave Gavin and be with him. She kissed him with poisoned lipstick, and he went down! Dr. Evans, who was ready to shoot Gavin at that point, was then called to help the man who just went down . . .

鼎宝福彩So where the heck did Jane go? Better question, why the hell did she go down those steps? She already got herself trapped on the other side of that door once before! The previews have set up the mystery I’ve most been interested in, what really happened to Gavin and Olivia’s daughter. Shaw revealed that she wasn’t dead! Could she too be trapped in the building somewhere? Or have we already met her? Why do I think their daughter could be that PR woman who is after Henry?

OUAT and 666 Thoughts for November 4th . . .

OUAT and 666 Thoughts for November 4th . . .

Posted by Dustin on 11.05.2012 at 6:14 pm

So I’m forgoing any kind of detailed recap with this post because if I don’t take notes while the show is playing, I forget something important; and because I’m so behind in TV post that I want to just get some thoughts up and move on to what else should be airing this week . . . should we have power after this next storm hits us!

鼎宝福彩On “Once Upon A Time” we learned about Emma’s past and finally met Henry’s dad, Neal. However what we know isn’t exactly what Emma thinks she knows . . . so no wonder she thinks Henry’s dad is a no good rat! Emma and Neal spent years running from town to town doing small time thefts to get by. However Neal’s past caught up to him, he once did a real big heist, and he needed to flee to Canada. However Emma came up with a plan for them both to get some money and head north, but things went very wrong. From Emma’s point of view, Neal set her up to take the fall for the crime he did years ago and then headed to Canada. She went to jail, and learned she was pregnant. That much we knew from an earlier episode. However it seems she thinks Neal screwed her. What we learned was that August/Pinocchio showed up and seems to be who really screwed her. He told Neal about the town he is trying to save, and how Emma plays a vital role in saving it, and yada yada . . . He said Neal had to get out of her life so she could save the town. Neal gave all the money from the crime to August to give to Emma, which he said he would. But then we saw the look in his eye . . . given it was another 10 years before August even showed up in Storybrook and met Emma, something tells me Pinocchio was just a bad bad boy! I do, however, think we can safely assume it was August who sent the card to Neal about the curse being broken, probably out of guilt.

鼎宝福彩In Fairytale land, Emma basically got the compass they need to find the portal from the giant, but also left Captain Hook chained in his castle. They were getting pretty close, but it seems she doesn’t trust him and doesn’t want to make the same mistake again. Awwwww, how could she leave that hottie Hook like that? Was she right about him though? Was he playing her, or has she been so jaded by her past and the betrayal she thinks was done to her by Neal that she threw away a shot at true love?

鼎宝福彩Finally it seems there is some shared nightmare going around. Aurora/Beauty who just woke up seems to be experiencing what Snow and others got long ago? Meanwhile in Storybrook it seems Henry is also getting a taste of the dream. The dream seems to be about some big bad dark shadow monster . . . . I have to wonder if they are trying to set up a new evil creature? If so, who?

Onto “666 Park Avenue” . . . I didn’t get to write up last week’s show because, well a hurricane ended up coming in. This week was the fall out from the Doran’s Halloween party and Peter Kramer trying to kill Jane as he thought she was his wife because of her necklace. Henry didn’t seem to believe her story about the killer, especially after the cops told her they found no trace of a dead body anywhere. They suspected psychological problems, and Henry remembered that Jane’s grandma apparently ended up in the psych ward. Later though the lead detective talked to Jane and seemed to be open minded about her story, and then started digging into the Drake’s mysterious past . . . Oh dear, he’s probably gunna die!

Olivia and Gavin learned their own lawyer betrayed them and helped have “their box” stolen from the safe. Gavin learned some Victor Shaw guy is behind it as payback. He wants the Drake, and if he doesn’t get it then he’ll open the box . . . Gavin didn’t think he could control it . . . Is this thing supposed to be Pandora’s box? That’s what I’m thinking. Shaw seemed to be doing this because Gavin took something of his in the past. He also said something about how Gavin won Olivia by nefarious means. It seems Gavin trapped the guy Olivia used to be with in the Drake forever, and then got Olivia for himself. This made me again wonder, is Gavin the bio-dad of his and Olivia’s daughter? Or did he do away with that guy to win her, and maybe their daughter found this information out? Did the daughter even really kill herself?

The end of the show had Gavin calling Shaw’s bluff and leaving him another box to open . . . in which was their lawyer’s decapitated head! Gavin then arranged to get Kandinsky out of prison, which means Shaw’s probably in serious trouble now that Gavin knows who he is. Elsewhere Jane learned that Peter Kramer was one of the men in the mysterious photo she found of the Drake’s basement and that creepy door. She also realized her pendant is also on Kramer’s wife in another photo, and thus the little girl is her crazy grandma . . . Well I think we figured that one out. However why is her grandma trapped in the building as a little girl ghost?

ABC November Spoilers . . .

ABC November Spoilers . . .

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 10.29.2012 at 2:30 pm

Spoilers for early November for several shows.

On “Once,” it’s a full moon in Storybrook and the curse is broken . . .
On “Revenge,” Emily/Amanda’s mom begins to lose it . . . again.
On “666,” Nona and her grandma go missing!
On “Castle,” a murder occurs at a sci-fi convention! Cue the “Firefly” jokes . . .
On “Last Resort,” an unknown force causes panic and dismay among the crew.
鼎宝福彩 On “Grey’s,” a very special Christina and Meredith centered episode.

鼎宝福彩Read on for all the spoilers!

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666: Henry The Hero . . .

666: Henry The Hero . . .

Posted by Dustin on 10.23.2012 at 7:15 pm

The latest episode of “666 Park Avenue” seems to have set Henry up as the hero that Gavin has been conspiring to make him. The Doran’s planned some political event/party where it all went down . . . .

Henry was called in by the D.A. and Mayor to help them nail Gavin for his real shady estate purchases. They felt Henry tipped him off to the toxic waste dump that infested his last purchase, which is how he turned it around and sold it so quickly. They were basically blackmailing him. Henry didn’t want to believe Gavin was dirty, and Gavin told Henry that it was the Mayor’s office that was crooked . . . Who is he to believe?

Meanwhile Annie, the obit writer, was still alive. Her Russian mobster Kandinsky was holding her hostage to find out her source. She didn’t know what to do as she made him up, so she claimed it was her editor. When she was able to get away, she ran to Gavin for help. After all he was Gavin’s idea. Gavin promised her that she’d “never see Kandinsky again if she did one thing for him . . .” The minute he said that, you knew Annie’s time was about up. He never said he’d deal with Kandinsky, just that Annie wouldn’t have to worry about him! Gavin asked Annie to write a story about how the Mayor’s office is in up to their eyeballs with the mob. She did as she was told.

Before the big party, Jane learned that Nona was the Drake thief, but also learned more about her. Nona supposedly lives with her grandmother after her parents were killed in a car crash, but grandma was always out and about. When her shrink came to see her, she always had an excuse as to where grandma was. It definitely seemed like she was on her own and grandma was dead . . . Jane befriended her and didn’t turn her in, but told her to make sure everything got returned to their owners. We learned Jane too had a hard childhood, so she wanted to be there for Nona. Later when Nona touched Henry, her psychic powers went into overdrive and she saw Henry being shot by a man with a compass tattoo. She warned Jane about this . . .

鼎宝福彩At the party, the story about the mayor’s office broke. Annie realized Kandinsky would then target someone there most likely . . . She rushed to the party to stop them. Henry faced off with the D.A. and decided not to give up the file on Gavin he stole from his computer, and that he had done nothing wrong in his interactions with Gavin. Suddenly Jane saw Kandinsky reach for a gun and warned Henry just as he shot. Henry saved the D.A., but Annie was caught in the crossfire of course. Kandinsky was arrested, Henry apologized to Gavin after the Mayor did look guilty, and Gavin had his hero!

鼎宝福彩Some of the other stories were far more interesting than the main story this time around. The little girl ghost was back, and kept trying to warn people about the bizarre suitcase Jane found and took to her apartment. At the end it opened up and this black smog which turned into a man came out. The previews seem to indicate that the man is Jane’s father? Then who is the little girl? Could Jane have a sister she doesn’t know about? Or has blocked out/forgotten?

Also at the very end we found out that Nona’s grandma is alive, but she seems to be in some catatonic state. Nona told her that she thought Jane might be the one to help her . . . . Something makes me think grandma is another victim of Gavin’s?

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ABC Spoilers End of October/Early November

ABC Spoilers End of October/Early November

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 10.21.2012 at 3:49 pm

鼎宝福彩Below are some spoilers for the end of October and Early November for several ABC shows. So far I am watching “Nashville,” but haven’t officially added it. As usual most of the new shows I’ve chosen to watch are doing horrid in the ratings (“666 Park Avenue!”), and the ones I can’t seem to get into already have been given a full season (“Revolution on NBC”).

In this bunch . . . .
– On “Once Upon A Time,” Emma’s past is revealed, and Jorge Garcia guests as “The Giant.”
– On “Revenge,” it looks like Emily and Amanda are having trouble keeping the truth a secret, but we know it won’t come out.
– On “666,” a pivotal episode leads Jane to learn how she and her past is connected to The Drake!
– On “Castle,” Castle ends up the suspect of a murder!
– On “Private Practice,” Alfre Woodard guests as Sam’s mom, as Sam begins staring in a reality show which causes issues for the other doctors.
– On “Grey’s Anatomy,” Jackson’s mom Catherine returns! Also Derek faces the fact he may never operate again . . . This storyline likely paves the way to introduce Neve Campbell who is set to guest as one of his sisters, many suspect the sister who went into psychiatry.

鼎宝福彩Read on for all the spoilers . . .

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666 Park Avenue Just Keeps Getting Weirder!

666 Park Avenue Just Keeps Getting Weirder!

Posted by Dustin on 10.16.2012 at 6:13 pm

I have to say I’m still loving this show, but I am often puzzled as to what is going on! The latest episode gave of some hints and clues, but a lot of new twists to the mystery at the same time. I’m thinking I need to get my hands on the book this show is based on just to try and figure out where everything is going! It’s only 2 bucks on Amazon right now, but the description sounds very different from the show.

Much of this episode centered on some woman who worked as an obituary writer at the newspaper, but also lived in the building. She wants to do bigger things, and Gavin gives her the push she needs. She learns that she had the power to make what she writes come true . . . though when she pushes things too far, she pays the ultimate price. In an attempt to impress the editor she made up some fanciful story about a local dead guy really being a secret Russian hit man and spy, or something along those lines. In the end, her creation comes to fruition, and he storms her apartment and takes her out! Gavin was the one who suggested the whole idea to her, basically because it seems he wanted this mob killer for his own purposes. Next week it seems the killer is targeting Henry! I’m sure this is to make Henry take on this “hero” role that Gavin has talked about.

鼎宝福彩The other writer in the building and his photographer wife, Brian and Louise, are still being plagued by the creepy neighbor Louise that Brian watches through his window while he writes. Brian called up Henry about their lease to try and break it. When Henry showed up at their place, he got an unintended show from Louise! The secret is somewhat out I guess. Later Louise put the moves on Alexis during a dinner party, and that angered Brian. I’m not sure where their storyline is leading, but hey we get to look at that hunky actor shirtless a whole lot!

Gavin asked Jane to look after Olivia as it was the anniversary of their daughter’s death. This meant Olivia was going to lose it, which she did. She took Jane on a joy ride, which happened to be how their daughter ended her life. She drove, purposefully, into a cement pylon. So we know two things about their daughter now . . . well maybe three? She was old enough to drive, she may have known the deal with her parents which is why she ended her life, and she’s clearly not the little girl ghost in the basement who seems so attached to Jane. Later in the episode we saw Olivia burn their daughter’s suicide note, and we saw that she referred to her father as evil! We didn’t see the whole note, but I wonder if maybe she was Gavin’s step-daughter and not his biological daughter?

鼎宝福彩Gavin and Henry continued to bond in this episode, and he set Henry up with some councilman who is up for election that Henry was hoping to get a job working for. However everything Gavin does seems to serve a higher purpose, and it seems Gavin wants something from the councilman. Gavin seems to be buying up a lot of property in New York . . . but for what purpose? When the councilman says he can’t give Gavin what he wants, Gavin later suggests to Henry instead of being a drone for the Councilman . . he should run?