Once Upon A Time: Heartbroken!

Once Upon A Time: Heartbroken!

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 03.31.2014 at 9:15 pm

Well now I know why they’ve been so secretive with the “Once” spoiler releases as of late . . . that episode was just heartbreaking.

鼎宝福彩We learned how Rumple came back into being. Back in Fairytale land, it was Neil and Belle who searched for how to bring “The Dark One” back. Little did they realize the Wicked Witch was totally behind them doing this, as she needed him back. We don’t know why she wanted him back just yet, but eventually learned. She needed his dagger, his totem.

鼎宝福彩Neil and Belle find Rumple’s secret vault, open it, and release Rumple’s spirit from it. However there is a cost. The witch appears and Rumple’s spirit can protect either Neil or the dagger (which is his power, his totem, the symbols the Witch is collecting). He chooses his son, and absorbs Neil into him in doing so. He becomes one with Neil’s flesh. The witch then has the dagger, and Neil and Rumple are one, sending him into insanity once again as he can’t control all the voices in his head.

In Storybrooke, everyone knows Rumple is back, but he is lost in the woods unknown to them. Then suddenly Neil shows up. Nobody knows yet that Neil and Rumple are one and the same. Emma eventually learns this at the end of this tragic episode. Emma finds that Neil and Rumple are now one, thanks to Neil opening Rumple’s vault in Fairytale land. Neither can exist independently, and Neil knows Rumple must live to defeat the witch. He begs her to separate them, and she uses her magic to do so. However in the end Neil cannot be saved. Okay, this is “Once,” he really could be saved I’m sure, but not if the story must go on and we need to resolve the Neil-Emma-Hook triangle somehow and have a way to make Rumple real again. With Rumple back in control, he tells Emma and Charming that Selena is their foe. They at least have the witch’s identity.

With Selena identified, Charming and Emma run to Snow/Mary Margaret to make sure she is okay. We STILL don’t know what she wants from Snow! But I think we actually do, as Snow started to become concerned she hasn’t felt her baby move. In the end we learn the dagger of Rumple, which the Witch needed, is his “brain.” It controls him. She has the brain of Rumple, and the courage of Charming. With her fixation on Snow’s baby, I’m guessing this is the heart she needs. The last of the three major totems. What is she after though? How will they twist the “Wizard of Oz” story?

鼎宝福彩Spoilers for the next episode below, with a bonus revealing screenshot (see my caption if you don’t get it!) . . . Also some SPOILER TALK here as a big reveal is revealed in these spoilers!

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Parenthood: Joel and Mark #@$!@#$ !!!

Parenthood: Joel and Mark #@$!@#$ !!!

Posted by Dustin on 03.28.2014 at 8:25 pm

So Zeke and Crosby brought the humor this week with a road trip to get a grill for Zeke’s classic truck. Zeke, and Crosby, also seemed to come to terms with the selling of the home. Zeke later told Camille they should take the offer on the house they were given. With Crosby possibly needing a house, and Christina wanting do start a charter school, I don’t think the house is gunna really be sold to some outsider. One, or both of them, will take it.

鼎宝福彩Christina and Adam blew up during a meeting with Max’s school. Max refused to return after the overnight trip when another student pissed in his canteen. The school thought it was best Max be homeschooled for what little was left in the year, and next year he’d be off to high school and out of their hair basically. Christina was furious that the school wasn’t even going to punish the pisser, and Max’s sympathetic teacher sided with her. They decided to say “screw the school” and home school him. Max usually pushes my buttons, which obviously his character is supposed to do, but I really did feel for him this time. The school ignoring the one who pranked him was pretty low!

The Joel and Julia mess just got worse and has reached the point where I don’t think they will make it work. Julia wanted to fight for the marriage, but Joel didn’t know what he wanted, other than he didn’t feel like fighting to get back together. This after he charged a four hundred dollar dinner out with his boss Sexy Pete. Yeah, didn’t Joel do this before with another woman seasons back? It almost seems like Joel is a man who likes to have a woman with power in control with him . . . . that’s why he walked away from Julia after her career change. With Joel moving on, Julia decided to too. She met up with Ed for coffee at the end of the episode. Nooooooo! Not Ed! Next week it seems Julia crosses a big line with the teacher from Max’s school. From the spoilers below, it looks like she starts helping him and Christina with the legalities of a charter school . . . Sorry Joel, you walked away and now so is she!

While Joel and Julia were busy figuring out where they stood, Amber and Drew bonded with Victor and Sydney. They had been through a divorce and encouraged them to lean on each other during this time. I loved that they took them to an 80s roller disco.

鼎宝福彩Finally the return of Mark Cyr sent Sarah into tingle mode, and Hank into worry mode. Hank clearly wants to make things work with her, he just doesn’t know how. He worried he’d lose her to Mark, but apparently that’s not happening. Mark took Sarah out to a fancy restaurant to tell her that he’s met someone new and they are to be married. What the hell !?!?!?! Who does something like that? That’s just a coffee date, or a conversation. Not a night out. I felt so bad for poor Sarah. What a jerk. Mark and Joel should both get hit by a train or something!

Spoilers for the next two shows below
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The Fosters Season Finale Thoughts . . .

The Fosters Season Finale Thoughts . . .

Posted by Dustin on 03.26.2014 at 9:12 pm

So I finally got all caught up on “The Fosters,” just in time for the season finale. Oh and what a finale it was. I was so heartbroken and furious at the same time!

Brandon continued to spiral out of control, as did his dad Mike when all came out. When Brandon admitted he used the money to pay off the twins’ mom Angela to save Mike, Steph and Mike told him to tell nobody until they could fix things. Steph was already being blackmailed for 10 grand from her, and planed to nail her for extorting a cop. She never found her though . . . Angela failed to show for their meeting. Mike meanwhile got waisted at the same time and showed up at home with blood all over his hands. Ohhhhhhh no! Did he take care of Angela for good?

鼎宝福彩Mike threw his girlfriend out after Brandon admitted she fronted him the money to pay his dad back. Both Brandon and her were in a hard place, so of course they slept together. However it seems like Mike maybe was on the road to forgiving her for what she did by the end of the finale. Anyone wanna bet she ends up pregnant and doesn’t know who the daddy is?

Brandon auditioned for the local symphony, secured a spot, only to end the finale having his hand/arm smashed in a car door by the ID/Bully kid at school that he crossed. I haven’t really liked Brandon lately, but this was heartbreaking.

鼎宝福彩They FINALLY addressed the “is Jude gay” question that has been dangling for months. He was asked out by a girl, and when his friend asked Jude if he liked her, he quickly said “Oh no not like that!” expecting his friend to be relieved. However it turned out his friend/crush did like the girl and wanted to go out with her, if that was okay. Jude seemed upset and later asked Lena when she knew she was gay. When he explained, she basically told him this whole thing was “normal and nothing to worry about” and that it’s normal to be jealous when a friend gets a girlfriend/boyfriend. Oh Lena, I don’t think that’s what he was upset or jealous about at all. I’m glad they did plant the possible seed though.

Jude and Callie’s big adoption day came, but it only happened for Jude. In a shocking twist, it turns out Callie’s biological dad is not who she thought it was at all! So until he can be found, she can’t be adopted. Oh brother! I hope she doesn’t go crazy and do something to screw things up.

Finally Lena learned she was pregnant. Steph was happy for her, even with all the drama they have going on. Unfortunately this happened after the dad to be decided he couldn’t sign the legal agreement and give up his rights. Maybe they should have had that little paper signed before sealing the other deal. Well at least he’s easy on the eyes and will obviously be sticking around.

Resurrection Thoughts and Spoilers!

Resurrection Thoughts and Spoilers!

Posted by Dustin on 03.24.2014 at 6:19 pm

So on the latest episode we learned shockingly that Jacob was in his coffin, buried in the clothes he came back in. How could this be? It seems someone went to a lot of trouble recreate the outfit he died in to the last detail of his name being written on his shirt tag. But then how can one explain his DNA matching? His memories. Jacob’s father couldn’t deal with it all, while his mother was just happy to have him back.

The sheriff quizzed him about his memories of his death, and whether the other man there was hurting his aunt or not. Jacob said he was trying to help her, which upset the sheriff as if he was the one who killed her, at least he could arrest or punish the SOB. I still think his wife is back and the guy is hiding her in his house.

鼎宝福彩We learned more about Caleb. As I suspected, he and the guy he killed last week robbed the town bank years ago, and it looks like he was digging for the money. All he found was a rubber mask, presumably one used in the robbery. This is what he dug up that looked like a corpse in the last episode. We also learned his partner is the one who found and reported Caleb as dead. Sounds fishy! By the end of this episode, Agent Bellamy had found the dead guy (Dale) that Caleb killed and was hot on Caleb’s trail as the original bank robber.

Pastor Tom faced off with the church council, who wanted to ban Jacob and his mother until they got answers, worrying the boy could be sent by Satan. Tom refused to ban anyone from a church, but they over-rode his authority. By the end of the show his old girlfriend turned up bleeding at the church asking “Is it true that I died?” Yup . . . another one is back!

鼎宝福彩We are still no closer to any answers as to who is sending them or why! Caleb’s son Ray thinks it’s aliens. I think that was thrown out there to just squash that theory off the bat so people don’t think that is what is going on.

鼎宝福彩Spoilers for the next two shows below!

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Once Upon A Time: Lions and Tigers and Bears !?!?!

Once Upon A Time: Lions and Tigers and Bears !?!?!

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 03.24.2014 at 6:04 pm

So I feel like last night’s was one of “those” episodes of “Once” where we got introduced to yet another princess, who we will likely never see again, and learned almost NOTHING new. These episodes frustrate me as much as Peter Pan does/did. Worse yet, I don’t feel like this one was entertaining. At least if it’s gunna be filler, take me on a ride.

鼎宝福彩The first few minutes, and the last few minutes, gave us the only clues as to what the witch is up to. Zelena needed some of Rumple’s blood to open a blood locked safe in his room. Now she clearly needed Regina’s to get into the castle, though she claimed she was Cora’s daughter and that’s how she got in (or that Cora told her how to at least). So it may appear that she’s neither Cora nor Rumple’s daughter, as if she was she should theoretically be able to use her own blood to break the locks? She then stole something from his cabinet, a root she later used to poison Charming’s drink with. The root, we learned from flashbacks was supposed to ease one’s fears. It seems to actually make them manifest into a bizarre creature instead.

Charming was drugged and forced to face his fears, much like in the past Repunzal had to face hers as well and battle the same creature. Charming’s fears were that he’d be a bad father, but he overcame them and slayed a beast with his sword, which then vanished with the beast. Later it was Regina who told him this was not good, the sword was a symbol of his courage and now it’s been stolen . . .

We saw Zelena leaving Snow’s place, secure in her job as her new midwife, with a bag of trinkets. One of those was Charming’s courage, the other’s I’m guessing are some brains and heart? She’s stealing the wizard’s gifts? What for?

By the end Hook, Charming, Regina and Emma had found the empty cell where Rumple once was. Left behind were a spinning wheel and gold straw, and they knew who was there.

I’m so confused!

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Pretty Little Liars Spring Finale: Just Shoot!

Pretty Little Liars Spring Finale: Just Shoot!

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 03.19.2014 at 6:22 pm

So “Pretty Little Liars” had its spring finale and won’t return until June. The major cliff hanger was not the reveal of A, but Ezra being shot and whether he will live. Well of course we know he’ll live after doing what he did to help the girls and win Aria back.

鼎宝福彩The most infuriating aspect of the finale was that Aria (or was in Hannah?) had a gun pointed at A and they told them to take off their mask. They went to do so, but then escaped. Seriously? After all this time, after A themselves was shooting at them moments earlier . . . just shoot the creep! I mean they could have just shot to maim them, not kill. I know there would be no show if A was found out, but really they’re is always another A around the corner.

We did at least get some answers. Spencer didn’t kill or hurt Ali, but someone did. It seems that Mona really was the original A who was obsessed with and threatening Ali and chased her out of town. The Grimwald did help Alison out of her grave, and then Mona also helped her get out of town and let A think she was dead.

鼎宝福彩However Mona didn’t try and kill Alison. Whoever did, Alison’s mom saw them hit her with a rock and said “What have you done!” She then buried Alison to cover it up. Whoever it was, Alison’s mom must have cared about them enough to bury her own daughter and lie. What she didn’t know was that Alison wasn’t dead . . . or did she? We know that Jason was pretty upset with Alison, who had learned the truth about the affair their mom had. Could he have killed her? He was pretty much one of the few people unaccounted for tonight when A was shooting at the girls, and we know he lied about being in rehab.

We have also never got answers about what Spencer’s dad and Alison’s mom know about Radley. There is also the mystery of a Sister DiLaurentis there that seemed to be the spitting image of Alison. So at this point they’ve at least set up the twist from the books, in case they need it. It doesn’t seem they plan to go there, at least not yet. My guess is after the reveal that Mona was the first A, people were upset that they stuck with the books when they said they weren’t.

Did I hear incorrectly, or did Alison says when she pushed Ian from the church steeple to save Spencer that he wasn’t dead . . . she was him run out the door? I was confused there.

Melissa returned and while A was torturing the girls, she confided to her father that she apparently knew who murdered the girl in the grave. When he told her, he was stunned. Who was it? I’m wondering again if Jason has been the new A all along, or are they gunna pull the twist out? My money is on Jason right now.

Bates Motel Season 2 Thoughts: Slow Start

Bates Motel Season 2 Thoughts: Slow Start

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 03.18.2014 at 6:48 pm

So I’ve been watching “Bates Motel” season 2, but until last night’s 3rd episode I wasn’t that impressed. I mean did we really need two episodes of Bailey killing her father’s killing and having to escape town? After an amazing first season, I began to worry without the mystery of the hotel and the girl in the room that perhaps there wasn’t much else for the show to really do except start playing out Norma’s insanity issues.

鼎宝福彩Fortunately last night’s episode was great. Norma’s brother Caleb returned to town, and we finally got some insight into her past. We knew she had told Norman that her brother raped her, which is why she didn’t talk about her past at all. Caleb contacted Dylan and began planting all kind of lies in his head about how his and Norma’s father abused them both, and he didn’t do anything to protect Norma. Dylan was furious at Norma for ostracizing her brother as she does everyone else . . . until it came out that Caleb was in fact Dylan’s father. Yup, he’s an incest baby!

Norman meanwhile made some new friends at school, and Mrs. Watson’s father was out to seemingly find out what really happened to his daughter, and became Norma’s new BFF in town. Oh brother! That won’t go over well for Norman . . .

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Resurrection: Who? What? Huh?

Resurrection: Who? What? Huh?

Posted by Dustin on 03.17.2014 at 6:10 pm

Last night’s ‘Resurrection’ was just a big pile of confusion, but I loved it! BTW, I have also started watching ‘Believe,’ I am just not sure I love it as much yet. It also airs on Sunday when I have enough shows as is, so I won’t get to it for a few days most likely. Especially given Monday is jammed packed too.

鼎宝福彩So Caleb returned, but unlike Jacob, he doesn’t seem to recall his death. As he died of a heart attack, and his blood shows he had one three days ago (when Jacob woke up), it may just be that his death was quick. Jacob clearly lingered a bit as he drowned. Or is something else going on with Caleb?

鼎宝福彩Caleb, unlike Jacob, was cremated. So there is no body to look at. Jacob was brought out of his tomb at the end and his coffin opened. Of course this is pretty much where the show ended. Is he in the coffin or not?

Caleb’s daughter looked through his jacket for a note she put in it at his funeral. It wasn’t there . . . and she seemed oddly relieved. However we later saw that he had the note. What does this mean? That the person they cremated wasn’t Caleb?

Caleb went and told Jacob to “lie” at one point . . . . Lie about what? We don’t know. He had a pretty lengthy conversation with him that we didn’t hear. When his mom asked what he said to him, all Jacob said was “lie.” So I’m guessing Caleb does remember something, something important? Or is it Jacob that maybe knows something about Caleb that he doesn’t want known?

鼎宝福彩Caleb went into the woods and dug up something, or someone. It definitely looked like part of a very well preserved face . . . The next thing we know is that he’s at someone’s very nice home killing them over something that is missing.

So it sounds like Caleb and this other guy did a bad thing in the past, Caleb died, and the other guy got a big payout. Who was Caleb digging up though? Is that his body? The real Caleb who wasn’t cremated? If so, who was cremated? Given this was in the woods, is there a connection to Jacob somehow? Did he see something that day? Is there more to his and Barbara’s death? I’m pretty sure there is!

Speaking of Jacob and Barbara’s deaths, Maggie went to see the man her mom was having an affair with. She asked the question we all have been wondering since the pilot, “Are you my dad?” He said no, and that after Jacob and Barbara fell in, he waited in the woods until someone found her in her crib. He didn’t just up and leave her. Later the man went into his house and told someone “She’s found us!” I’m gunna make a guess that her mother is back too!

P.S. if you missed it, here is a link to my earlier post with spoilers for the next few episodes!

Resurrection Spoilers

Once Upon A Time: Sister Sister?

Once Upon A Time: Sister Sister?

Posted by Dustin on 03.17.2014 at 12:55 pm

So last night’s “Once” finally gave us a glimpse of the Wicked Witch of the West. She goes by the name Zelena in Fairytale/Oz lands, and I think something else in Storybrooke (I can’t remember what). Let’s just get to the major twist off the bat . . . She claims she is Regina’s older sister!

鼎宝福彩Regina, with Robin’s help, broke into her castle. However they were shocked that someone already broke in, which shouldn’t be possible as she sealed it with blood magic. But the witch did! Now as someone astutely pointed out in my shoutbox, could this by why the witch stole Regina’s blood in the first episode? But if so, why the vendetta against Regina? The witch claims Cora had her first and dumped her in Oz, where nobody wanted her. She is mad her mother showered affection on Regina, and mad at Rumple too . . . but we don’t know why. She claims this is why she’s punishing her, and apparently the reason for the new curse. If she really is related to Regina, then I am guessing Rumple is her father. We all thought he was Regina’s father, but were told he in fact was not. So maybe he did father a baby with Cora? Is that why she dumped her, and why she was green?

Another thought on why Zelena needed the blood, to bring Rumple back? At the end of the episode we saw she had Rumple imprisoned in a cell in Storybrooke. He didn’t know why she brought him back though. Obviously she intends to use him somehow.

鼎宝福彩Also going on, Emma and Regina teamed up in Storybooke to flush out the Wicked Witch, who by the way it took them the entire episode to figure out was the one who cursed them. I think I would have figured that out the minute I saw a flying monkey! Henry still has no memory, which is going to eventually cause Regina to break and do something predictably evil, and Zelena has befriended Snow White under the guise of being a mid-wife. Oh that can’t be good. I swear if she kidnaps their baby I will go nuts! Another baby lost to Snow and Charming . . . just don’t go there!

ABC Sunday Spoilers! Plus Resurrection Thoughts!

ABC Sunday Spoilers! Plus Resurrection Thoughts!

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 03.15.2014 at 7:13 pm

鼎宝福彩So I’ve decided to add “Resurrection” to the blog. I’ve been running low on shows, as well as shows I actually enjoy. Most of what I have added either gets canceled or I just lose interest. I have to say I really enjoyed the pilot of “Resurrection.” I am worried where it will go though. I mean once they find out why and how these people are returning, what else is there?

There was a French show called “The Returned” which this is being compared to. It’s on Netflix, so I may watch it. Fortunately this is a new show, not a remake of it, so I won’t be spoiled.

I do like that the show hasn’t beaten us over the head with religion, but has brought it up subtly in the reverend’s wife telling him basically that “They don’t have all the answers and sometimes that has to be enough.” I don’t know what the explanation for the dead coming back could possibly even be. I am just hoping it is not 1) Aliens and 2) the Rapture.

鼎宝福彩I did find it odd that the little kid Jacob took awhile to finally tell his mom “You look older” and has not completely freaked out over all the new technology and how the world has changed. I mean he was handed an iPhone to play ‘Donkey Kong’ on . . . shouldn’t he have wondered how to use it? He just seemed to figure out touch screen technology.

鼎宝福彩What was with Jacob eating 500 some grilled cheese sandwiches? I am guessing that is a clue that these returned people are definitely more than human/mortal. He should have been puking his guts out.

So below are spoilers for the next “Once Upon A Time” and the next THREE episodes of “Resurrection.”

On “Once,” the show is clearly holding back releases and being very secretive. The release tells nothing new at all, aside from Robin and Regina teaming up to storm her castle.

鼎宝福彩On “Resurrection,” the town tries to find a connection between the two dead members that have returned, but of course then another one shows up!

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