Nashville: The End Of Edgehill?

Nashville: The End Of Edgehill?

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 01.30.2014 at 1:37 pm

I’ve been keeping up with, but keep forgetting to write about “Nashville.” So here are my thoughts on the latest episodes.

I wasn’t too sorry to see Peggy go after the winter finale. Her character had played itself out and dug herself so deep. Given what a shmuck Teddy has been, I really didn’t feel too bad for him either.

Deacon has himself a record deal and is fairly happy with his lawyer girlfriend, however she is now working with Teddy on a case to try and take down Lemar for the attempt on his life which killed Peggy. Based on the previews, I have a bad feeling Teddy will take up with her in order to stick it to Deacon in some perverted sense of payback/punishment because of what happened with Maddie.

鼎宝福彩Will is still struggling with his sexuality, and in spite of Gunnar telling him to be himself or he’ll never be happy, he keeps taking up with Layla. Layla seems to have no inspiration when trying to write a song with Gunnar, and is finding herself worried about Will’s dedication to her. My guess is she’ll soon find inspiration when she figures Will out, and will end up outing him in a new hit song.

I’ve hated seeing Juliette spiral downwards after being set up by some preacher who took her words out of context and has turned everyone against her. However rather than beg for forgiveness as Jeff demanded she do, she wrote a new song to spit in his and her turncoat fans’ faces. Wow! I loved that fire in her, and for once I find myself on her side and rooting for her.

鼎宝福彩Jeff however immediately dropped her, and later realized he had lost Rayna and Juliette in a matter of months. Ouch, he’s not off to a good start as the new president and Edgehill is now in big trouble. All he could do was try and buy up shelf space in stores to prevent Rayna’s album from getting much distribution space when it drops. Hello, has nobody heard of iTunes and digital distribution in this town? My guess is that eventually Rayna will sign Juliette to her new label, which probably will not make Juliette too happy. However no other label wants to touch her right now.

Rayna brought Liam in to help Scarlett with her album. While he has helped her find a stronger voice, it looks like he also has helped her get addicted to pills. He gave her some pep-up pills as she was exhausted after working 24 hours straight. Yup, it looks like she’s going to become a speed junkie. I think she also will end up falling for Liam.

鼎宝福彩Finally Tandy went into hiding, fearing when Lamar found out she and not Teddy sold him out, he’d have her killed like he tried with Teddy. The feds found her though, but with her lawyer she found a way out of the entire mess. Unfortunately it meant the entire case against Lamar was dropped, as she made her evidence inadmissible, so Lamar is now free! Tandy better hope he never finds out the truth, but I think he possibly already knows.

Spoilers for the next episode below
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AHS: All Hail The New Supreme!

AHS: All Hail The New Supreme!

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 01.30.2014 at 12:52 pm

鼎宝福彩So “American Horror Story: Coven” has come to an end. The end wasn’t shocking, but there were some twists and turns I didn’t see coming.

So in a not so shocking turn, Cordelia did turn out to be the next Supreme. Upon gaining that power she was able to heal herself fully. Cordelia took the coven in a new direction that seemed to be inspired by the “Heroes” finale, she outed them to the public, on CNN no less.

鼎宝福彩Aunty Myrtle insisted she pay for her crimes against the old council and demanded Cordelia burn her at the stake, which she did. I was actually sad to see her go! However she made a good point that Cordelia needed a fresh start with her reign, and not a scandal from her.

鼎宝福彩During the test of the seven wonders both Madison and Misty May died. Technically Zoe did too, but she was brought back by Cordelia as part of the test. Madison wouldn’t do it, and thus Kyle killed her. Wow! That is the only thing he did all season that I liked. Poor Misty May succumbed early on to one of the trials when she couldn’t escape from hell/the netherworld. I HATED that she basically died trapped in her own personal hell, which was her refusing to dissect a frog in biology and brining it back over and over. That really sucked. I don’t know why Ryan Murphy decided she deserved that fate?

鼎宝福彩Zoe and Queenie were named Cordelia’s new council, and they opened the school back up to a huge new class of witches. Kyle became the new butler of the house/school.

Fiona meanwhile wasn’t yet dead. We learned she faked her death, along with the Axe Man’s help. He played his part, but only in the end realized Fiona duped him twice! He thought he was still going to live happily ever after with her, but the girls off’d him last week. Fiona was now crippled with cancer and had no powers left to take Cordelia out. She died in a hug from her daughter, and then woke up in her own hell. She was condemned to live in a shanty shack of a house as the Axe Man’s wife. I was glad I was wrong about my fear that she’d take over the new Supreme’s body. That would have sucked if she did that to her own daughter!

Next season is rumored to take place in the early to mid 1900s and is rumored to be circus theme. As always, Ryan Murphy has hid a clue somewhere in the final few shows . . .

The Fosters: Can Brandon and Callie Switch Places?

The Fosters: Can Brandon and Callie Switch Places?

Posted by Dustin on 01.29.2014 at 9:22 pm

So Brandon continued to annoy me on the latest episode of “The Fosters.” I know we are supposed to be routing for Brandon and Callie, but he is making me really hate them. He’s acting like a spoiled brat and he’s going to ruin everything for Callie and Jude at this point. After being told a restraining order was placed on him, he still didn’t care and kept trying to contact Callie! How about we send Brandon to a group home and let Callie come home?

鼎宝福彩The only reason I don’t want them to switch places is that I’m loving Callie interacting with the girls at the group home. The tension between her and Cole, as well as the gang-banger Daphne is great. I loved that they both covered for her this week and had her back, though I don’t completely trust Cole. I also still think one of them is going to attempt suicide at some point, I’m still thinking it’s the drug addict Becca. It looks like something big happens next week to shake up Callie.

I have to admit the Marianna drama with her jealous friend finally turning her in for dealing drugs is boring me. It however is not boring me as much as Jesus and the wrestling team storyline. Oh brother, where is that going?

鼎宝福彩I would like to see more of Stef and Lena, and it looks like we will get that next week as drama with Stef’s job heats up. I am also loving Annie Potts as Stef’s mom! Any chance to see Annie Potts on my TV is something I take advantage of.

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American Horror Story: Who Will Be The Next Supreme?

American Horror Story: Who Will Be The Next Supreme?

Posted by Dustin on 01.26.2014 at 10:04 pm

So this coming Wednesday is the final episode of “AHS: Coven.” I will be so sad to see it go! I had to catch up being away. Both Queenie and Delphine returned, with Queenie putting Delphine back together. Now how did she manage that on her own? She was furious with Marie for leaving her for dead, and she still didn’t trust the white witches as she felt they were weak. Queenie was out for herself and to become the next supreme, though Fiona put her and her smart mouth in their place fairly fast.

Feeling the Coven was in danger and having lost the power of second site, Cordelia put out her own eyes to get the power back! That was simply a nasty scene! Of course Fiona told her she had never lost the power, that she was just weak. Poor Cordelia!

鼎宝福彩The girls said goodbye to Nan and buried her. I can’t believe she’s the only witch to die and stay dead! Well of the pupils that is. I’m still hoping she somehow returns next week to become the new supreme. I don’t think that will happen though. The girls also rescued Misty May from where Madison entombed her. She wasn’t too happy with Madison!

The latest episode saw Delphine get her revenge and banish Marie Laveaux to some other place, since she couldn’t be killed. Meanwhile the Axe Man lost his mind after realizing Fiona had really only been f’ing him the whole time and nothing else, so he axed her! Wow, I never thought that would be how Fiona ended. I do wonder if she may still come back somehow, or will steal the next supreme’s body. When the Axe Man went to kill everyone else, the girls ended up taking care of him.

Cordelia did explain that anytime they are under duress, their powers grow. This explains why all the girls were suddenly developing new powers. With Fiona gone, they had to find the next supreme. Cordelia said they would all be tested, as any one of them could be the next supreme.

鼎宝福彩I really think Cordelia will end up being the next Supreme, though is she too old? I don’t know. We haven’t really heard many rules on how old or young they have to be I don’t think? If it’s not her, then I hope it is Zoe. She’s the only one who hasn’t been a royal witch so to speak.

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Parenthood: I’d Like To Kick Joel In His . . .

Parenthood: I’d Like To Kick Joel In His . . .

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 01.25.2014 at 9:39 pm

鼎宝福彩So “Parenthood,” as with most NBC shows, isn’t returning until after the Winter Olympics. Unfortunately there are no spoiler releases for these shows yet. So we have to use our imagination as to what will happen. For “Parenthood,” Jason Ritter is still supposed to reprise his role as Mark, so that’s something to think about!

So let us just start with the mess that is Joel and Julia. Honestly, I’d like to kick Joel in the balls, but I don’t think he has any. Now If I asked my partner/spouse had they had an affair, and they said no, but kept a secret kiss from me… I think I’d be angry. I’m really trying to understand Joel here. However I would hear things out. Unfortunately we know more than Joel does about Julia’s state of mind, so that may tip us to Joel’s side. However we also know Joel has been a dipshiz for weeks now, and doesn’t see that either. Had I only had the info Joel had… I don’t think I’d leave my family! I’m sorry, but Joel’s reaction was way too overboard. It was a kiss, nothing more. As far as he knows, it was one sided. Yes, he isn’t sure he can believe Julia. However he won’t go to therapy, he won’t take blame for his part in any of this, and he’s put it all on Julia… My thinking is Joel did a bad bad thing and now he’s taking the easy way out. Yes, I think he had sex or something close to it with his boss, and now he is too ashamed to admit it. Therefore Julia has given him an easy way out and he has taken it.

鼎宝福彩Second to Joel, I kinda wanna smack Camille! It seems she doesn’t see that Zeke has changed or is trying to. Finally at the end of the latest episode when he offered to give up everything for her, including the house, she has seen that he’s changed. I’m wondering though, what is Camille giving up for him? If she won’t give up anything, this won’t work either!

鼎宝福彩Crosby and family are in a predicament with their house in a moldy mess and living in Zeke and Camille’s, which could be up for sale soon. I’m seeing a move into Adam or Julia’s house! Julia’s house would make more sense, if Joel goes through with the separation/divorce. She will need all the help she can get. I still am in line to kick Joel in his non-existent-balls by the way.

I’m really enjoying Hank exploring, and dealing with the idea, that he has Aspbergers. We haven’t confirmed it yet, but I think that is only a matter of time. Adam seems a little too excited over this though, so that is the one thing that makes me think Hank doesn’t have it. After all, this is “Parenthood,” and nothing works out.

Drew and his ex’s relationship worries me too much at this point. She’s clinging to him for a reason. I am worried everyone’s belief that she did not have an abortion and had the baby and gave it up at her parents’ insistence is going to come to fruition.

I don’t think I have anything else to comment on. Am I missing something? If so… comment away!

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Pretty Little Liars: Ezra Up To “A” Games?

Pretty Little Liars: Ezra Up To “A” Games?

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 01.22.2014 at 4:44 pm

So I had two episodes to catch up on last night. These are mainly just some thoughts on the main points.

鼎宝福彩Alison’s diary caused all sorts of drama, as she wrote secrets in it about them all, things they never told each other. For example Hannah fooled around with Aria’s little brother Mike at one point, earning the nickname “Cradle Robber” from Alison. Hannah was right to initially keep it from the girls, as it just seems to have them turning on each other. Is this Alison’s plan? She definitely seems to be on a divide and conquer mission, and is using her looks to pull Emily away from the others. I felt like Emily’s huge revelation two weeks ago that Alison just used her and never knew how to love anyone was suddenly lost as she became smitten with Alison once again.

Spencer continued to wonder where Jason is, and what her dad is doing meeting with Alison’s mom so much. He claimed that Jason fell off the wagon and was in rehab again, but Spencer wasn’t buying it. She began to think their old affair was on again. The mysteries of Radley continued to unravel. Spencer’s dad did a 180, telling Toby their case against Radley has fallen apart. It seems his mom’s death was an accident, she was on the roof with another patient when she accidentally fell, and the place covered this up to protect themselves and the other patient. He urged Toby to take a settlement, which Toby did. Unfortunately this was after Spencer learned more and suspected a bigger cover-up. Spencer learned that Mrs. DiLaurentis is on the board at Radley, and Spencer thinks her dad is again protecting his old flame. I’m thinking that other patient with Toby’s mom is VERY important and is really who Spencer’s dad and Alison’s mom are protecting. The show has already hinted at who it is with the crazy old professor the girls talked to earlier in the season. Let’s just say I don’t think he was speaking of a nun when he talked about a certain Sister. I think they are preparing the big twist from the books…

Hannah attempted to move on from Caleb with this guy Travis. Snooze! At least we won’t have to watch her pine and mope over Caleb for the rest of the season.

Aria felt torn between Jake and Ezra, but in the end chose Ezra. Jake however saw Ezra fighting with a blond woman in a car when he was supposed to be in Philly, at least that’s where he told Aria he would be. Ezra covered by saying he was arguing with his not-baby mama’s lawyer, she’s trying to keep him from his not-baby. Meanwhile Jake, taking his frustrations out on a punching bag, kicked it and ended up falling into a trap. Someone had planted all sorts of knives in the bag. Ezra? Or is it A? Or is Ezra on team A? He’s definitely been acting strange ever since the Halloween episode. He also wormed his way into Hannah’s house and was able to sneak onto her computer while Hannah’s mom had to take a call. Hmmmm…

Shana resurfaced and told the girls that she knew Alison as a kid, she lived near Alison’s grandparents. Alison asked her to come to town to find out who was trying to kill her, IE who A was. Jenna is at the top of her list of suspects it seems. However the girls don’t know if they can trust Shana at all. I don’t think I would!

Spoilers for the next two episodes below . . . .
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The Fosters Returns!

The Fosters Returns!

Posted by Dustin on 01.22.2014 at 4:12 pm

So ABC Family’s “The Fosters” is back for the 2nd half of their first season, in spite of attempts by various groups to have it taken off the air. Said groups are actually still trying to thwart a second season by boycotting advertisers. Good luck, it won’t happen! The ratings are too strong.

When we last saw them, Lena and Stef married, but after a kiss with Brandon, Callie ran away. Jude yelled at her when he saw them, saying she would ruin everything, including his chance of being adopted by them. She left so her brother could have a chance at that. We picked up with Stef, Lena and the rest of the gang taking way too long to realize Callie was gone. I think given the drama that surrounds her at all times, they’d have noticed immediately!

Jude confided in Brandon why she ran away, and despite Jude telling him not to, he told his moms. This of course made things worse for Callie. Lena and Stef had decided to adopt them, though I must have missed when they came to this decision. I recall that as of the end of the first half of the season they hadn’t seem to have gotten there yet. The moms were not happy with Brandon for kissing her, and went into how this could never happen again. He kept making it worse by spouting how they were in love.

Callie ended up getting arrested on purpose, I think possibly in an attempt to see her father? She tried calling him in prison, but couldn’t get through to him. My guess is this means at some point he will enter the picture. Lena and Stef spoke on her behalf at her hearing, but also said they were not yet ready to take her back into their home. I’m sure Callie felt like they abandoned her, but in reality they couldn’t bring her back while Brandon was ready to jump her bones in their house. Brandon really made me not like him and Callie in these episodes, as he was acting like a spoiled brat who had his toy taken away.

Callie ended up in a group home for other troubled teens. Rosie O’Donnell guest stars as the house mother. I really liked her in this role, and I like the idea of Callie being apart from the others to straighter her crap out. She’s supposed to find out what she’s addicted to, but she can’t figure it out yet. I think she’s addicted to self-sabotaging herself! In the home are a transgendered teen, a former drug addict, and a gang-banger who once beat Callie up in juvie. There are others, but these seem to be the main three characters we got to know. Something tells me one of them will end up dead before long too. I don’t know why, I just think they will and it will be a wake-up call for Callie.

Spoilers for the next several episodes below!
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Sleepy Hallow Season Finale Thoughts

Sleepy Hallow Season Finale Thoughts

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 01.21.2014 at 8:57 pm

鼎宝福彩So last night was the two hour finale of “Sleepy Hallow.” Don’t worry, the show is returning in this coming fall! However if you haven’t watched it yet, I would stop reading now.

鼎宝福彩For two seconds Ichabod actually wore modern clothes, but then couldn’t deal with the skinny jeans that Abby made him wear. I don’t blame him there! He has, however, become obsessed with phones. I absolutely loved when he told Abby that he needed a new phone, as his flip phone was obsolete! However then when he got a new phone, he had verbal battles with Siri, who wasn’t cooperating with him.

We learned that George Washington made himself a zombie in order to cross over, come back, and draw a map to purgatory that would be useful in stopping the Horseman, but should Malick get it that would be disastrous. Ichabod realized he could save Katrina with it, but destroyed it as to not risk the future of the world and stuff. However he has a photogenic memory, so he could recreate it. Of course he does!

Captain Irving’s paralyzed daughter got herself possessed by a demon, killed the priest that was trying to help her, and Irving claimed he killed the priest to protect his daughter and wife. Not sure where this one is going . . . However after all this time I never knew what his name was. Irving, clever! I know, I’m late to the game.

Abby and Ichabod rescued Katrina from purgatory, which I knew would eventually happen when in the second episode the witch said they banished her. I knew she, like Ichabod, wasn’t really dead. However someone had to take her place. Abby agreed to stay and face Malick. She trusted Ichabod would save her, and they shared a very intimate hug goodbye. Hmmm, I always felt by time he got Katrina rescued he’d have feelings for Abby. While nothing has been expressed, my guess even their goodbye made Katrina uneasy! That was one long and tight hug.

Ichabod and Katrina, back in the real world, tried to thwart the arrival of the second Horseman. They were about 20 years too late. Henry Parish, in a twist I should have seen but didn’t, turned out to be Jeremy, Ichabod and Katrina’s son! Malick rescued him from his grave, and of course he is War, the second Horseman of the Apocalypse. Abby and Jennifer saw Malick resurrect him as kids, this is the memories that Malick blocked from them and why they became Witnesses. Abby forgot, Jennifer didn’t but was tossed in an insane asylum. In the end Jeremy gave his mother to Abraham aka the Horseman who was originally betrothed to her, and then shut his father Ichabod up in his old grave.

鼎宝福彩What what what !?!?!?! Are you kidding me? Insane ending. I’m so glad this show is coming back!

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Grimm Thoughts for 2014

Grimm Thoughts for 2014

Posted by Dustin on 01.12.2014 at 1:19 am

So “Grimm” is back, but so far we haven’t been advancing the story with Adalind’s pregnancy or Renard’s cousin and family much. Renard has teamed up with some other rebel vesson to try and take down his royal family members, but we don’t know their plan and we don’t even know whose baby Adalind is carrying. We do know it has two heartbeats, but isn’t twins. Interesting! I wonder if they’ll come up with a wacky story that it’s both the brother’s kid somehow? Hey, we aren’t dealing with humans after all.

Juliette has become quiet the butt kicker as of late, and an old friend of hers has moved into town. I guess the show decided she needed a BFF or something? Her friend just happens to be a fouxbaux just like Rosalee. I don’t know if they plan to take this storyline with this new girl any further than they have in the past two episodes with her leaving her abusive husband.

The show tried to set up a romance for Hank, with a vesson of course, but it seems to have fizzled for now. Meanwhile Nick’s symptoms from the zombie voodoo experience keep manifesting and getting more and more odd. He doesn’t sweat, his heartbeat is out of whack, and now he has amazing hearing. He definitely has super human powers of some kind. Is he turning into a vesson?

Upcoming episodes finally have Adalind giving birth, Rosalee’s mom coming to town, Monroe’s parents turning up, and it looks like we may see the return of Nick’s mom soon enough. Now I’m thinking we just need to meet Renard’s mother!

Spoilers for the next two episodes . . . .
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AHS Coven: A Real Truce, For What It’s Worth Now

AHS Coven: A Real Truce, For What It’s Worth Now

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 01.10.2014 at 6:52 pm

So on the big mid-season blow up we learned Hank was a witch hunter, who Laveaux hired to take out the white bitches, I mean witches. However she didn’t even know how deep his connections went. He is connected to a huge order of witch hunters and planned to betray her after the others. Hank’s papa, however, didn’t have much faith in Hank after an incident as a kid where Hank failed to take out his first witch. So Hank’s been working as an intel man, not a field agent per say. So he’s been working on the side as a witch killer, so he thought, to prove to his dad he could handle things. However not only did they know what he was doing, he screwed everything up, especially by falling in love with Cordelia for real. We did learn that it was his father and the hunters that had Cordelia blinded. This seemed to make Hank really angry and take action to protect her, and he went postal at the House of Laveaux. Queenie blew her own brains out to stop him from killing Marie. As of now, Queenie’s status is presumed dead, and we don’t really know what became of Delphine’s head that Queenie was forcing to watch “Roots.”

鼎宝福彩Marie was forced to move in with Fiona and her crew, and they called a real truce finally in order to deal with the hunters. Really why bother? I mean Marie has NO ONE LEFT. They could have taken her out, but I guess Fiona wants her youth secret. Fiona refused to let Cordelia help after Laveaux told them all about Hank. Cordelia also did digging and learned Hank and his father are loaded, they own some multi-national corporation. They’ve set out to kill its cash flow and bring them to their knees.

We learned how Marie has managed to live for 300 years. She sold her soul to this Voodoo Spirit named Papa who demands sacrifices in exchange for keeping her young. He seems to like babies, and the first one taken was Marie’s actual child. He told her motherhood wasn’t in her cards. Okay someone failed to do their research, as the real Marie Laveaux has something like 16 children. The idea that she sacrificed baby’s was a story made up by a writer (Robert Marret I think) in the 40s who painted her and Voodoo as this satanic cult that sacrificed humans. It was all sensationalism to sell books. Blah! I was disappointed with this. Fiona of course tried to make a similar deal with Papa, but he told her that she had nothing to trade . . . she has no soul! She however wasn’t about to give up, and the Ax Man wouldn’t either. He said they’d drain the new supreme to keep her alive.

Papa came to collect his latest sacrifice from Marie, who had stolen a baby from the hospital to give him. However she had fallen in love with it, so Fiona suggested someone else. They killed Naan and gave her soul to him. Nooooooooooooo! I loved Naan! She was the best, especially when she showed off her new mind control powers and almost had Madison put her cigarette out in her vajayjay! Naan earlier killed Patty Lupone’s character, who killed her son in the previous episode after a whole bunch of messed up family drama. The girls are just dropping like flies at this point.

Also seemingly dying was Misty May, but we know she’s not dead. Stevie Nick’s made a guest appearance as The White Witch and friend of Fiona’s, who she used to try and get Misty onto her side. Madison got jealous and ended up conking Misty over the head at a local funeral they attended for fun, and she pushed her into the coffin after resurrecting the dead guy inside it to prove she was just as powerful as Misty. Yes, her powers have grown too. It seems all the girls powers are growing . . . . strange? There may be something important there. Misty was then buried, but in New Orleans they don’t bury in the ground. They bury in tombs because the water table is too low. So it really won’t be that hard for Misty to get herself out. Dumb dumb dumb Madison.

We still have no real answer as to who the new supreme is. Fiona believes it’s Misty. So does the crazy lady she brought back that Fiona hates. However Madison no longer has her heart murmur, coming back from the dead changed her. The crazy lady also has stronger powers after returning from the dead. Yes, it seems so many of their powers are growing and growing . . . .