American Horror Story: Voodoo Zombie Nightmare!

American Horror Story: Voodoo Zombie Nightmare!

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 10.31.2013 at 1:55 am

So I didn’t make a post about last week’s episode. I think it can be summed up in the statement “American Hillbilly Horror Story” though. What the hell was that? Precious/Queenie engaging in beastiality. Kyle and his mother getting it on? Ewww! Honestly I don’t understand this hard-on that Ryan Murphy has for Evan Peters. Tate was an ass in season 1, the alien storyline was the worst part of season 2, and now this Frankenstein Kyle in season 3 is just not needed. Please, for the love of Glee, give us an Evan Peters free season 4!

鼎宝福彩This week the truce between the white witches and Marie Laveau and her voodoo witches was broken. After Queenie did not get some “good lovin” and was left for dead, Fiona sent the head of Bastian to Marie’s shop. We did learn that Fiona’s predecessor was the one who negotiated a truce with Marie.

鼎宝福彩Meanwhile Nan could no longer hear Madison’s thoughts and called the council. We got some backstory here, as Francis Conroy’s character Myrtle Snow has always been Fiona’s enemy. They were in school together when Fiona killed the old Supreme to take over. Myrtle tried to expose her then, and failed, and she tried to expose her now for Madison’s death and failed too. The butler, who has been covering for her, is in love with Fiona. Oh and he has Madison dressed up as a living dead doll in his room. Ewwww!!!!!

鼎宝福彩Cordelia came to her mother’s defense with the council saying the Supreme is supposed to be in glowing health, even having a pink aurora to show this. However Madison had a heart murmur which was a carefully guarded secret. Did Cornelia lie for her mother? Is someone else actually the new supreme? If so, who?

鼎宝福彩Hank was away on a business trip. We learned he’s a DEA agent. He apparently hooked up with some girl he met online, screwed her like a beast, and later blew her brains out. WTF !?!?!?! When she asked him what he was last Halloween, he said “a monster!”

By the end of the show Cordelia and Fiona were in a bar getting drunk. As she puked in the bathroom, a woman in black approached Cordelia and threw acid in her face! Who was it? Marie? It looked like it, but we never saw their face. Meanwhile an army of zombies approached the school, including Madam Lalaurie’s three daughter. Oh hell!

I will say the one thing that I didn’t like was that they did not stay true to the voodoo idea of the zombie. They went with the “Walking Dead” variety. I would have liked to have seen them at least portray voodoo somewhat accurately.

Witches Of The East End: The Search For The Shifter Continues!

Witches Of The East End: The Search For The Shifter Continues!

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 10.29.2013 at 12:01 am

So I re-watched last week’s episode before this week’s. I’m beginning to wonder if Marc Cherry is writing this show, because it seems like his MO with the major false lead we were thrown last and this week!

freddie_prinze_jr1鼎宝福彩 Wendy was determined to shut up the wife of the guy who got murdered and Joanna is accused of killing. She of course was using magic, which Joanna isn’t thrilled about. Wendy seems to magic before she thinks, causing bigger problems for all. During a public altercation she shut the woman up by causing blood to gush out of her mouth. At the hospital Dr Shirtless, I mean Dr. Rex, I mean Dr. Dash, found this nasty thing in her throat and took out. Something tells me he is going to investigate it and find out what it is . . .

鼎宝福彩Later as the woman recuperated in the hospital, Wendy visited her and sent a bewitched butterfly into her ear/head to confuse her thoughts. Ewwwwww! At least we got to see Mr. Sarah Michelle Gellar looking finnnneeeee this week as the entomologist she stole it from. I hope he comes back and isn’t just a booty call for Wendy!

鼎宝福彩Joanna meanwhile was working to track down the shifter. We learned Max Headrome was a guy Joanna knew back in Salem, clearly a fellow witch as he too is . . . or was . . . immortal. She cut of his ear back then, instead of killing him. I guess he held a grudge and was back. However this time when she caught him, she killed him for good. However not before he warned her that he was NOT the shifter who has been plaguing her. What what what? A red herring? Are you kidding me !?!?!?!?!

Freya meanwhile learned that Killian seduced and broke up Dash’s first engagement, which is why Dash is not a big fan of his brother. This threw Freya for a loop. She turned to magic to try and keep Killian from loving her, and to mend Dash and his relationship. It didn’t seem to work. Dash’s mother also had a very strange talk with Freya about her boys, how she wants them all to be a happy family again. I don’t trust her one bit. I wonder if she is the counter to Joanna’s story . . . a witch who also has two son’s destined to die and be born over and over again?

Finally Freya was determined to use magic to undo the killing curse she put on a friend. She was sure it was her friend from the library who she used magic to get pregnant, but in the end it seemed her love interest Adam (Jason George) was doomed to die. Poor Freya!

鼎宝福彩So who is the real shapeshifter out to get Joanna? Right now my money is on Dash and Killian’s mother. Something is up with her.

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Grey’s Anatomy: Frustrated!

Grey’s Anatomy: Frustrated!

Posted by Dustin on 10.28.2013 at 12:07 am

鼎宝福彩It’s been a few shows since I blogged about “Grey’s.” Part of the problem is I’ve been busier than hell, part of the problem is this show is really frustrating me this season! Some thoughts on this, and the other main stories below . . .

鼎宝福彩First, it seems like for a change Meredith and Derek are the only ones happy on the show. Shocking I know! Everyone else just seems miserable. It’s not making for a fun experience.

Now that Owen is dating, Christina is predictably jealous and upset that Owen isn’t telling his new girlfriend about his amazing ex-wife. Is she for real? Of course she is, if she’s not tooting her own horn she expects everyone else too.

Christina and Meredith’s friendship is strained after Christina told Meredith that she was just not as good of a surgeon as she was, and that’s okay cause she has a family now and her priorities have changed. In the most recent episode Meredith finally fired back at her, telling her that she can have it all even if Christina chooses to eschew being a wife and a mother as second best to being a surgeon. She basically let Christina know she’s projecting her own insecurities about her failed relationship with Owen onto her.

鼎宝福彩Meredith has set out to take up an old project of her mother’s for her research project, but she was afraid to tell Christina about it because she didn’t want to hear Christina tell her it was too ambitious for her and that she couldn’t do it. Meredith was out to prove her wrong and show Christina that she could be every bit as good of a doctor as Christina is and her Sainted Mother was. I don’t understand why Christina holds Ellis up on such a pedestal as she was a pretty crappy mother and human being.

鼎宝福彩Joe learned that a patient that checked into the ER was in fact Alex’s long lost father. She did a DNA test on them both without Alex knowing to confirm it, and Alex hasn’t been happy to have found his long lost jerk of a dad. Therefore he’s taken it out on Joe, ignoring her and blowing her off. In the latest episode it looked like he and his father might have a chance at reconciliation, until his dad proved to still be a dead beat who has abandoned yet another small kid with his latest wife. Alex knocked him out, and when his dad saw the rage in his eyes, it seemed he finally realized just who Alex was.

Callie seems to be out to reclaim her life back. Yo go girl! Arizona meanwhile seems to have learned nothing, having some fling with that one intern whose name I can never remember and usually confuse with Joe. She fell for Arizona, only to be shot down by Arizona. They just seem to be making Arizona’s character more and more deplorable. She’s become the new Alex of the show! It’s funny as she used to be the one who lectured Alex on his behavior with interns at one time.

The chief has at least stop wallowing in self pity and is using his situation to teach the interns, who technically are now second year. However he’s still being pretty miserable to them.

鼎宝福彩Finally Ross is spiraling out of control over the guilt he feels about Brooke’s. He’s detached himself from Derek and chosen to work with Christina instead. Wow he must really feel guilty if he is putting himself in that kind of situation! I don’t feel bad for him though . . . I still want Brooke’s back!

Spoilers for the next two shows below.
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Dracula Premier Thoughts

Dracula Premier Thoughts

Posted by Dustin on 10.26.2013 at 3:00 pm

So “Dracula” finally premiered last night. It was a good show, but a little bizarre. All the characters from Stoker’s novel are there, but they are playing somewhat different parts.

It’s around 1886 and Dracula has been revived after years of imprisonment. He is now “living” in London as Andrew Grayson, and American entrepreneur. At his side is his manservant Renfield. At a large party he throws to introduce himself to society, he ends up meeting Mina, who feels she knows him. That’s because she seems to be the reincarnation of his dead wife. He also meets Mina’s boyfriend Harker, a journalist, and their friends Lucy and her guy (whose name I forget, Thomas?). Mina is a med student, working under Van Helsing, who we later learn is who revived Dracula. The twist is that Dracula isn’t all that bad. Yeah he has to feed, and he uses prostitutes to do that, but he was revived to take out an enemy he and Van Helsing have in common . . . The Order of the Dragon. These guys where the crusaders who killed Dracula’s wife and then imprisoned him in a coffin. Van Helsing also has a grudge against them. They’ve moved beyond being crusaders, now they are capitalists firmly planted in the industrial age and politics of the time. However they are no less dangerous, they are just more clever and cunning now.

The show was good, it’s just odd to see Dracula as a good guy. He’s more grayish than good I guess. He kills, but only kills to feed, and seems to prefer to kill bad people. I guess this is NBC’s answer to “Twilight” and “True Blood.”

I’m sure we will get many more backstory’s as the show goes on. I thought it was at least well made and well acted. No horrible CGI like a certain other show out there 🙂

Did you tune in? Do you plan to keep watching? Leave your thoughts and take the new poll on the page!

SPOILERS for the next episode below . . . .
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Welcome Back Zombie Grimm!

Welcome Back Zombie Grimm!

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 10.26.2013 at 11:53 am

鼎宝福彩“Grimm” finally returned this week for its third season. Just like last season, it’s been sooooooo long since we last saw it that I had trouble remembering what was going on! Mainly with Adeline’s story more than anything.

鼎宝福彩Nick, having been zombified, was put in a coffin and was being flown back to Paris with Renard’s brother. While Renard and Hank were trying to stop them, Juliette, Monroe and Rosalee were coming up with a potion to stop all the other infected zombies. They did, but worry by time they get to Nick that it could be too late for him. Also the fact that he’s a Grimm may cause the toxins to react differently him.

鼎宝福彩They were correct about Nick. Nick woke up in a rage and caused the plane to crash! We saw the pilots and the voodoo guy were dead or dying, but Nick walked out alive. Hmmm, where is Renard’s brother? Hank got the news of the crash and they all went searching for Nick, whose gone on a rampage in some little town near the crash.

鼎宝福彩Over in Europe, Adeline and the gypsy woman killed Adeline’s other friend. They tore her to pieces, put her heart in a box, and buried her parts in a field for some kind of spell to see if Adeline would be “accepted.” I can’t recall, but I think this was an attempt for her to get her powers back in exchange for the kid? Whatever happened seemed to work, as these weird green spirits came forth and went up her nose.

鼎宝福彩We still don’t know who the father of Adeline’s kid is though, unless we learned last season and it’s been so long that I forgot!

Previews at the end showed some upcoming episodes. It looks like Nick gets back to normal, but that the experience has left him with enhanced powers somehow.

Spoilers for the next episode below!

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Nashville: Welcome Back Rayna!

Nashville: Welcome Back Rayna!

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 10.24.2013 at 2:15 pm

鼎宝福彩So it’s been a few weeks since I blogged about “Nashville.” After the premier there were some good episodes, and some snoozers. These are just my general thoughts on the major storylines.

I’ve really actually felt bad for Juliette lately. Her tour is falling apart, and the new guy at Edgehill is all about the new young artists and isn’t supporting her or her desire to get away from the tween market. I loved that when Maddy called her after the blow-out with her parents, that Juliette called Rayna and didn’t use Maddy or the Deacon secret to somehow hurt her. I really felt bad for her in this last episode when she overheard some guy talking to Rayna about how much it sucks that her big come-back had to happen on the same night they were forced to pander to that “flash in the pan” Juliette.

Deacon’s new relationship with his lawyer is boring the crap out of me. I do like that Scarlett is finally pushing him back into music. He can’t seem to play the guitar, but he can still write music. I’m sure he will undergo some radical operation to get his hand back to normal. Meanwhile Scarlett is finding life at the new Edgehill not what she was expecting or prepared for. I see her being dropped as some kind of punishment for Rayna given what Rayna did in the last episode.

Avery pushed Gunnar not to let closet case Will record his song for Edgehill, saying Gunnar should do it himself. This caused a rift between Will and Gunnar. Will is now dating Juliette’s “American Idol Winner” nemesis that Edgehill is promoting as the new Juliette Barnes. I suspect Will will be forced out of the closet pretty soon.

鼎宝福彩Avery recruited Scarlett’s childhood friend, who has moved to Nashville, and along with Gunnar they worked on music together. It looks like they are possibly going to become the next Lady Antebellum? Avery seems to have ulterior motives though. He could see Gunnar and the girl were into one another, and indeed they hooked up. I think he sees this as his ticket to getting Gunnar out of the way so he can get Scarlett back.

Rumors began to leak about Rayna’s voice and that she had lost it. She was working with a coach, but it seemed fear more than anything was keeping her from seeing if she still had a voice. At a Grand Ole Opry event where she was asked invite Juliette to join, Rayna was pushed into singing for the audience there and watching at home on TV. She found her voice though, and can sing.

Bolstered by her performance, and a talk with Lamar earlier, she told the new president of Edgehill that she was done with his label and will be buying out her contract. Lamar agreed to give her the money to start her own label.

Unfortunately Rayna opened her mouth too soon. After Tandy handed over evidence to the FBI to punish her father for what she believes was his part in her mom’s death, Lamar was arrested and all his assets frozen. She visited him in jail, apparently ready to tell him what she did. He however thinks it was Teddy! He vowed to crush Teddy. Hey, I can get on board with that plan. I do hope we get the truth about what happened to their mom though. Did Lamar really do something to cause her death?

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Once Upon A Time: It’s Time To Get The Hell Out Of Neverland!

Once Upon A Time: It’s Time To Get The Hell Out Of Neverland!

Posted by Dustin on 10.22.2013 at 10:53 pm

So I had to watch the latest episode TWICE, because the first time I just got so bored and stopped paying attention. Of course the fact that I had a butt-load of work to do that night didn’t help. However they really need to get off this damn island! It’s killing the show at this point. At least that’s my opinion.

Tinkerbell was furious to learn that Emma and Company had no way off the island. She said she would only help them if they secured a way off the island for themselves and her. I’m sure there was more to the squabbling between them all, but even on the second watch, I was so damn bored!

Neil was reunited with his father, and the two teamed up to get Henry away from Pan. We did learn a few more clues about Rumple and Pan, in between seeing the past and how Neil/Bae ended up in Neverland to begin with. They played on the Pied Piper of Hamlin, having Pan being the piper. Rumple claimed he and Pan go way back, that they knew each other when he was a child. Hmmmm, is Pan his brother perhaps? Neil and Rumple did manage to save Henry, and magically poison Pan, but not before Pan told Neil about the prophecy. Oh and the fact that nobody leaves this island without his permission. Rumple swore to Neil that he had no intention of hurting Henry, but Neil didn’t believe him and ditched his dad to take off with Henry.

I’m sure other stuff happened, but like I said, I was so bored I couldn’t pay attention, even watching the show twice! PLEASE get the hell off this damn island!

鼎宝福彩Spoilers below for the next episode . . . .


鼎宝福彩 “Good Form” – With the deadly Dreamshade coursing through David’s body and close to death, Hook takes him on one last journey to find a sextant that could help them decipher a map that would lead them off Neverland. Meanwhile, in the Fairy Tale Land that was, Killian Jones – aka Hook – and his brother, Captain Liam, sail off under orders of the King to find a powerful indigenous plant on an uncharted land that could help heal any injury, on “Once Upon a Time,” SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

鼎宝福彩 Guest starring are Robbie Kay as Pan, Skyler Gisondo as Devin, Bernard Curry as Liam, Parker Croft as Felix and Jordan Schartner as sailor.

Witches of the East End November Spoilers . . .

Witches of the East End November Spoilers . . .

Posted by Dustin on 10.21.2013 at 10:53 pm

I need to watch the latest episode over again before a write-up. But the good news is, we know who Joanna’s shapeshifting stalker is. It’s Max Hedrom?

Spoilers for the next several shows!

鼎宝福彩 Joanna’s attorney prepares for her murder trial. Ingrid re-evaluates her relationship with Adam. Penelope seeks Freya’s help in repairing the rift between Dash and Killian. Wendy tries to gather ingredients for a spell.

ELECTRIC AVENUE – November 3rd
鼎宝福彩 Ingrid finds a unique way to mourn for Adam. Joanna and Harrison take their friendship to the next level. Freya meets Dash’s ex fiancée Elyse when she returns to deal with some unfinished business.

PETENTIA NOCTIS- November 10th
Freya makes a startling discovery at Fair Haven while Ingrid has flashbacks to one of her past lives.

UNBURIED – November 17th
No information yet.

SNAKE EYES – November 24th

No information yet.

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Drop Dead Diva: Season Finale Spoilers + Thoughts

Drop Dead Diva: Season Finale Spoilers + Thoughts

Posted by Dustin on 10.21.2013 at 10:48 pm

So normally if the show doesn’t manage to advance any of the stories, I at least like the cases on the show. This wasn’t one of those times. The cases were boring a sin, but fortunately the storylines got advanced.

An attempt of a clients life via a gunshot sent Grayson running into Jane’s office to check on her. It’s clear he still has feelings for her, but his new girlfriend is too blind to notice and too wrapped up in a romantic getaway they are taking.

鼎宝福彩The gunshot also seemed to force a reconciliation between Stacey and Jane, and even Owen and Jane seemed to put their relationship to rest when he expressed how glad he was that she was okay.

Now let’s get this Jane and Grayson storyline on the fast track!

Spoilers for the final two episodes below!


Guess Who’s Coming – October 27th
Jane represents Deb’s mother in a case involving sex solicitation. Owen sends Grayson on a field trip to Wyoming. Stacy is humiliated at a yoga class.

Jane’s Secret is Revealed – SEASON FINALE – November 3
Jane offers to represent an Amish farmer in a life or death legal case against a big oil company. Grayson helps a dominatrix try to collect a debt from one of her clients. When Grayson and Jane finally reveal their feelings for each other, they’re interrupted by a visitor who threatens to reveal everything.

Guest Stars: Faith Prince (Elaine Bingum), Natalie Hall (Brittney), Doug Savant (Jakob Yordy), Rebecca Mader (Robin Lowry), Tom Nowicki (Geoff Hensley), Nancy Grace (Herself), Jon Michael Davis (Tripp Osgood), Kenny Alfonso (Joe Cummings), Nico Evers-Swindell (Zack Trent), Barrett Carnahan (Isaac Yordy), Gregalan Williams (Judge Warren Libby).

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Parenthood: Wait . . . Crosby Knows Best?

Parenthood: Wait . . . Crosby Knows Best?

Posted by Dustin on 10.20.2013 at 9:15 pm

It’s been since the premier since I wrote about “Parenthood,” so this is more just my thoughts on the various story lines.

鼎宝福彩First up, we finally saw Adam and Crosby back at work at the Luncheonette. I worried they might be forgetting about that place. Adam, never happy, found a way to up their game after a conversation with Mr. Ray. He now wants to become a label and produce artists, not just record them. Crosby tried to set him straight. Yeah, it was really odd to see Crosby be right and the voice of reason, which Adam didn’t seem to be interesting in listening too. Oh lord, I hope he doesn’t bet the house on this plan!

Christina’s assistant in this mayoral race is getting on my nerves, as well as Adam’s. Now she seems to be rubbing Christina the wrong way. She’s out for a win no matter what, even if it means selling Christina’s ideas out. I wouldn’t be shocked if we learned she was a mole for Bob Little.

Sarah held her opinion on Amber and Ryan’s wedding as long as she could. When he refused to invite his family, it set up red flags and they argued. As much as she disagreed with her mom, who she felt was projecting her own issues onto her, she too couldn’t overlook the red flags. She pressed Ryan, who admitted his dad was dead and not everyone comes from a close rosy family like hers. From the previews it looks like we learn some of Ryan’s deep dark secrets about his mom and step-father next week.

鼎宝福彩Julia and Joel’s problems just keep mounting it seems. They disagree over how to deal with Victor. Julia is trying to give him some time to learn to read better, and now Zeke is helping, but it doesn’t look good. Joel is being stubborn with holding him back, and now they are fighting over how Julia does things at home. Now that he’s back to work, he wants to have authority over the stay-at-home mom stuff too because he did it for so long. Sorry buddy! From previews it looks like there are problems to come with a female employee/co-worker of Joel’s and possibly an improper relationship. Poor Julia! Joel used to be one of my favorites, now he’s just coming off like an ass.

The storyline with Drew is as boring as Hattie’s storylines were. Too bad we couldn’t send him to college and not see him like Hattie! Drew is crushing on a girl and trying to impress her so badly. Since they failed to make Drew gay, my guess is his crush will turn out to be a lesbian. I mean hello, Joanie Mitchell?

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