Nashville: Oh Stupid Teddy!

Nashville: Oh Stupid Teddy!

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 02.28.2013 at 8:52 pm

Last night’s “Nashville” wasn’t the most exciting. The show is one that people aren’t sure ABC will give another season to either, so I think they need to step it up a bit. Bring on the cat fights and smack downs!

First the boring . . . well there was a lot of boring on this episode! Juliette decided to surprise Deacon with a surprise birthday party, something he hates. She pulled in all his friends, and big wig guests stars, into it. Her mom, fresh out of rehab, also helped. Unfortunately a party at a bar was the last place she should have been, and she relapsed into a booze binge.

The papers got ahold of Teddy and Rayna’s seedy photos, and Teddy had a press conference to defend Rayana and himself, saying neither had ever cheated . . . . LIAR! Not only was he the worlds biggest liar, he went and hired that Peggy woman to be on his staff. Oh my lordy! Rayna’s dad Lamar was back, and he tried to put Teddy in his place. Lamar suggested some people for Teddy to hire, but Teddy seems a little too big for his britches at the moment. He ended up offering his deputy mayer job to Coleman, the guy he beat and who Lamar used Teddy to take down. Oh Teddy, are you that stupid? My guess is Teddy didn’t do anything illegal to make sure he won . . . otherwise he wouldn’t be acting this way. My guess is Lamar disregarded Teddy’s wish and went ahead and did it. Enjoy your job while it lasts Teddy . . . lord knows you have enough crimes you did do on your own.

鼎宝福彩Finally Gunnar found his brother’s gun, kicked him out, threw the gun in a lake . . . yada yada . . . his brother ended up dead. Who killed him? Why? Well we don’t know yet, clearly someone he was afraid of. But Gunnar blames himself. Fortunately Scarlett was there to comfort him with grief sex . . .

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Dallas: Where Did J.R. Go To Now?

Dallas: Where Did J.R. Go To Now?

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 02.26.2013 at 6:27 pm

This episode tied up a lot of older storylines, and set the stage for next week when J.R. is shot and won’t be coming back via a dream sequence.

Christopher and Rebecca struck a deal to share custody, and she would get 10% of Ewing Energies. The deal doesn’t finalize until AFTER the babies are born though, so you know that’s probably a bad sign.

Rebecca turned on John Ross and refused to give him the 10% as they agreed, because she needed to look out for her kids. She told him she would be on his side anyways, so he didn’t need them. He felt betrayed and warned her . . . John Ross then went to his mom Sue Ellen to invoke Elana’s moral clause. Christopher learned too late that John Ross set Elana’s brother up to do just this. He had signed the plea deal, which let Sue Ellen and John Ross go in for the kill. Bobby was furious with her, and more furious when he learned J.R. also helped them pull it off. He went to confront J.R., only to find he had flown the coup!

鼎宝福彩Anne was found guilty of shooting Harris, but the jury still needed to sentence her. More testimonies were heard, Anne spoke about the horrible mental abuse she suffered at Harris’ hands. Emma began to crack, even visiting her mom in jail after Bobby came to her and promised to be there for her if she ever needed anything. Anne was touched, and we could see the same hell Harris had put her through he was doing to Emma. Everything had to be his way and perfect or it wasn’t good enough. Emma still wouldn’t break from her father’s side though, at least not yet.

鼎宝福彩The Venezuelan that John Ross helped send to jail, that he was in cahoots with to steal Southfork with, ended up escaping jail and came after the Ewings. He and his men took them all hostage and demanded Christopher’s methane extraction prototype. In the end the Ewings turned the tables on him and he found himself dead. In spite going through this crisis together, John Ross and Sue Ellen still took Elena’s shares and planned to take over Ewing Energies. Bobby was ready for war . . .

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Fifty Shades of 90210

Fifty Shades of 90210

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 02.26.2013 at 5:44 pm

鼎宝福彩The latest “90210” centered mainly around the opening of Naomi and half-brother Mark’s new restraint, and her attempts to bond with him. Meanwhile Liam, spurned by Annie suggesting he find something he loves to do, tried his hand at making beer. It didn’t go so well. The restaurant opening did though, and Naomi and Mark seemed to bond in the end when Naomi almost died from an allergic reaction to something in Mark’s dish. Mark saved her with an epi-pen.

鼎宝福彩Annie meanwhile was struggling with her feelings for Liam, and turned in her novel based on her blog to her publisher. Her publisher felt the ending needed something more, and urged Annie to figure out what Annabelle wanted from Leo. Nice names huh! Annie realized she wanted to give it another shot with Liam, and when she got the guts to tell him, he had passed out. We all knew this was where this whole thing was going, and just when they are happy I bet not-so-dead-Reilly resurfaces with the ability to walk. Later Liam thought he found his calling, making custom surfboards.

鼎宝福彩Silver and Adrianna turned Mark’s old food truck into a mobile documentary machine. What !?!?! Has Adrianna given up on singing again? Navid got kicked out of that Cronos society when he stopped covering for the president’s constant cheating on his girlfriend. Michaela got her big break on stage thanks to Dixon, who failed to tell Silver about it all given Michaela was supposed to be her surrogate and clearly wasn’t going to want to start her career pregnant . . . .

The one positive thing about this episode is that we didn’t have to deal with Teddy and Silver at one another’s throats the whole time.

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Castle Two-Parter Thoughts and More

Castle Two-Parter Thoughts and More

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 02.26.2013 at 3:52 pm

鼎宝福彩I absolutely love “Castle,” but normally find it difficult to post about because it’s usually not a serial, but a lot of stand alone episodes. This season they’ve done a good job of really linking the episodes, mainly due to Castle and Beckett’s relationship.

The latest two part episode had Alexis and a friend being kidnapped. It at first appeared it was the friend, a daughter of a wealthy arabic businessmen, who was the target. However it was actually Alexis, and as the mystery unfolded it was to lure out Castle’s unknown father from hiding. Castle met his long lost father, played by James Brolin. Castle’s father was a super secret spy who had made many an enemy, and one KGB agent found out about his past and family and was using them to draw him out. The two had to team up to save Alexis, and in the end his father vanished again. It was part of his job, no family, no relationship, no ties. However he sent Castle a clue, a book, to let him know he was alive.

鼎宝福彩Aside from the fact that I think Mr. Barbara Streisand is a little too old to be playing spy anymore, I loved this story. It opens up a whole new slew of storyline possibilities, bringing his dad back from time to time to help Castle and Beckett. I can definitely see him playing a part in Beckett’s ongoing storyline with the Congressman who had her mom killed, but is so slippery she can’t seem to nail.

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Reality Roundup February 2013

Reality Roundup February 2013

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 02.24.2013 at 7:05 pm

So with the Oscars tonight, nothing is on but some cable shows I watch (Shameless, Walking Dead). I’m looking more and more towards covering more cable shows here as they don’t seem to be canceled as quickly. I did decide to pull together a little post covering some of the reality shows I’ve been watching, or flicking on, and my thoughts on them. Much as with current TV, I haven’t been feeling reality TV as of late!

RuPaul’s Drag Race
I really enjoy “Drag Race,” but my current work schedule doesn’t get me home until it’s half over! So I miss all the fun drama. I could watch it on rerun, but so much is on Monday nights that I usually don’t bother. So far I just haven’t gotten into it this season, mostly because of time.

Face Off
Normally I really enjoy this show, but this season it seems like so many of the contestants are just down right bad! One guy won the first three challenges in a row, and I was beginning to think they should give him the trophy and call it quits. Really I think in the end the whole competition will come down to two of the guys (whose faces I can see, just not their names). Everyone else on the show kinda blows . . .

Project Runway
I adored the Runway All Stars 2 that just aired, and I am HATING this season so far. The team aspect just killed it for me, along with the 90 minute format. I love “Project Runway,” but this 90 minutes is overkill! As for the teams, I think too many crapy designers got through only because of their teams, and the expense of others who shouldn’t have gone home honestly. Now they are in teams of 2, I’m sure eventually they’ll be on their own.

American Idol
I don’t even know why this show is still on the air to be honest. I tried to watch some of the auditions and vegas and hollywood rounds. It’s just bad. Kill it! Take it off! How many people who have won this have really gone on to be superstars? Their first, Kelly Clarkson, is still the biggest. Second to her would be the country winner. Otherwise it’s people who come in 2nd, 3rd, 4th that make it! Please Fox, just end this show! It hogs too much of the week and airtime as is.

Dancing With The Stars
鼎宝福彩 DWTS will reveal their new cast this week. Who can they get that they haven’t got yet? Unless they managed to score some huge stars, I’m seeing a lot of olympians, football stars, a washed up rocker and reality television stars. With Maxsim out this season, will the ladies even watch?

Grey’s Anatomy: Mama Bought You A Hospital!

Grey’s Anatomy: Mama Bought You A Hospital!

Posted by Dustin on 02.23.2013 at 5:22 pm

鼎宝福彩So the long drawn out storyline of the doctor’s secret plan to buy the hospital came to an end this week, with a really great twist I didn’t see coming. That pleased me. The doctors met with a billionaire mogul who was very invested in the tech industry, but hadn’t gotten a foothold into medical tech. They pitched their idea to him, but had to bring in someone with actual managerial experience. They were forced to thus bring Weber into their secret, and he was happy to not only help but contribute. Apparently he has a couple of million lying around himself! Meanwhile the board and that horrible doctor lady struck a new deal with Pegasus, but this time to sell the hospital off for parts. Everyone was freaking out, and Christina brought Owen in on the secret to buy them time. In the end, the Pegasus deal fell through because Owen said they had another buyer, but the tech guy fell through too. In the end Katherine Avery announced that the Harper-Avery foundation believed in this hospital and would be their financial backer, their only request as the biggest shareholder is someone of their choosing sit on the board as a representative. Jackson was living that his mom bought a hospital to be his boss, but she told him “No honey we’ve picked you, give your momma a kiss for buying you a hospital!” Oh dear, this will make Jackson very unlikable to many is my guess.

While Grey was away she had “Mousey” aka her intern Heather being her eyes and ears, and she was still keeping tabs on her patients through her. Bailey was furious with the lot of them for upping and quitting, until Heather finally had enough of hearing her bad talk Meredith and told her that Meredith was giving her the ideas they used to save a patient who was out of hope in this episode. Ouch! Out of all the inters she is my favorite, but then again I loved her in ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ and ‘True Blood’ too.

鼎宝福彩Meanwhile Alex is totally falling in love with his intern Jo, but as far as he knows she only sees him as a great teacher and a friend. When she thought the hospital was over and she’d move on, she told him how she’d never find a mentor like him again and yada yada. You could see he just wanted to kiss her, but didn’t. I hope Alex doesn’t end up with a broken heart because he’s actually been an awesome guy lately, and not his usual ass of a person.

90210, Castle and Body of Proof, PLL, Smash and Dallas Quick Thoughts . . .

90210, Castle and Body of Proof, PLL, Smash and Dallas Quick Thoughts . . .

Posted by Dustin on 02.20.2013 at 7:54 pm

Man I sure am having some issues with the shows I tend to watch as of late. They aren’t holding my attention like they use to, and it makes me miss shows like “Desperate Housewives” and “Brothers and Sisters.” A bunch of shows are returning in March, so hopefully they will be a little more exciting.

Shane’s sister and Silver’s surrogate continues to be sketchy. As it turns out she can sing and made sure Dixon heard her singing . . . Something tells me a big ole baby bump will get in the way of her singing career.

鼎宝福彩Liam had to testify against Ashley the cop and went bonkers, leading his other cop friend to suggest he may have PTSD. Zzzzzzz

Noami ended up tracking down her and Annie’s shared half brother, who is a chef, and they are opening a restaurant together. She’ll be the face end of it, he’ll do the cooking. I had actually completely forgot about their half-brother! It took me a while to remember the whole storyline actually.

Castle and Body of Proof
鼎宝福彩 Both “Castle” and “Body of Proof” ended up doing storylines where the main characters daughters got abducted. Odd! On “Castle” they’ve finally been returning to the senator who is responsible for Becket’s mother’s death. I can only hope “BOP” will bring back the mystery of Megan’s father’s suicide as well. I will say I was not a fan of Peter’s death, the ousting of all the cops and bringing in Mark Valley as her new partner and love interest. What happened to the hunky gardner? Oh yeah he’s on a new TNT show . . .

Pretty Little Liars
This week’s episode and the strange “killing” and disappearance of Detective Wilkins by Hannah’s mom was definitely great. Where did his body go? Is he really dead, or is he on the A team?

Ezra returned and made it known to Aria he wants her in his life. Aria didn’t tell him about getting a little too close to his brother, and Ezra’s mother showed back up and Ezra finally stood up to her and put her in her place. Eh, wasn’t all that thrilled with this part of the show.

鼎宝福彩Spencer finally broke down at the very end and told Aria that she knew one person who was helping Mona out . . . It looks like she’s finally going to tell the others about Toby, unless there is a huge twist coming. Spencer’s sister Melissa was back too, and we learned once again that Melissa may have had a motive to kill Alison. The night she died Melissa was on a rampage to get a tape she had. The tape we’ve seen bits and pieces of over the year.

I’m not sure where “Smash” is going this season. I liked the first hour, since then it seems to be floundering. Money troubles have tied it up, suddenly they want the whole book re-written, Ivy is acting in a play and Karen is pulling Derrick into her new potential love interest’s emerging-still-being-written musical.

鼎宝福彩Julia is going head to head with the guy that was hired to help her rewrite “Bombshell’s” book. She hates him, he pushes her buttons, the countdown is on until they sleep together. Recycle plot #48! Meanwhile after Tom coached Ivy to a new job, she suggested he go into directing. I can now see him and Derrick sparing over who will direct Bombshell.

鼎宝福彩 Most of this week’s “Dallas” was about Anne’s day in court for shooting Ryland. He and his mother framed the hell out of her, and it wasn’t looking good. Their daughter Emma overheard Anne and Ryland arguing in the hospital, so she now has some kind of a clue as to what kind of man her dad is. My guess is she’s always known, she’s just been so brainwashed. Christopher pleaded with her to get on the stand and tell the truth for Anne, but she didn’t. When Anne was found guilty, she ran out of the court room. My guess is she’ll find evidence to help Anne out. There has to be cameras in that big ole mansion of theirs, Ryland definitely seems like a paranoid guy to me. If they can get a video of what he said to her, they may be able to prove it was a crime of passion and she reacted to what he told her. I mean hey it’s Texas, doesn’t everyone carry a gun in their purse down there?

John Ross is continuing to undermine Elena in order to get her to default on her loan to his mom so he can snag her shares. However JR continues to learn of John Ross’ betrayals with Cliff and Rebecca. Don’t mess with JR son! Sadly we are coming up on the episode where JR will be shot, and this time he won’t be coming back.

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Once Upon A Time: Congrats on the Grandson . . . . I Think?

Once Upon A Time: Congrats on the Grandson . . . . I Think?

Posted by Dustin on 02.19.2013 at 9:02 pm

So last night the big reveal on “Once Upon A Time” was made, the identity of Rumple’s son. Most everyone guessed by now it was Niel, Emma’s ex and Henry’s dad. However there was a big twist thrown in to make up for the fact that we all figured the secret out.

In Storybrooke, Cora revealed her plan to Regina and a very unhappy Hook. Cora planned to find the dagger that controlled Rumple and was the source of his power. Regina realized her mother was just after more power, but Cora quickly said with the dagger they could command Rumple. They could have Rumple kill Emma, Snow and Charming and Regina would come out looking innocent. Furthermore she’d have what she always wanted, Henry! Not surprisingly, Hook wasn’t fond of this plan. Where was his chance to exact revenge? Cora zapped him and she and Regina took off to find the dagger. I’m assuming Hook isn’t dead, and thus he’ll warn Snow, Charming or Emma what the evil dou is up to?

鼎宝福彩In New York, the magic globe thingy Cora gave Rumple led him right to his son, whom Emma chased down, only to learn was her ex lover Neil. She was stunned and felt he knew who she was all along, that he used her. He swore he didn’t, and reveals he left when Pinocchio showed up and revealed he knew who he was. He was forced to leave Emma, only then did he know who she was. So it seems August did what he did because if Emma stayed with Neil, she likely never would have gotten to Storybrooke as he certainly wasn’t going near the place. My guess was even then August was living on borrowed time, so his actions were partly selfish. I also think this means we’ll learn what became of him soon.

鼎宝福彩Emma let Neil go because she definitely didn’t want him back in her life, or to find out about Henry. However Rumple wasn’t going to just let his son go and pushed. We then learned more about his past in the Fairytale Land that was . . . In the past Rumple went to fight in the Ogre Wars to escape the stigma of his father, who was a coward and died when he was a baby. He’s lived with the stigma his whole life, so he wanted to prove to all he was no coward. During the war though he met a young girl who was a seer. She told him that his wife was pregnant, but that if he stayed in the war there was a chance he’d never see his son. Rumple couldn’t bear his son growing up without a father, that feeling of abandonment. So he crippled his leg with a hammer to get out of the war. This is why he walks with a cane, and why he got branded as a coward. Even his wife told him he should have stayed and died, because this fate was worse for his son.

鼎宝福彩Back in New York, Rumple found Neil’s apartment and Emma was worried that there would be something in it to tip him off that she had a past with him. Neil ended up showing up to save Emma from his father, as he knew Rumple would never let her out of the deal they had. However Neil was stunned to learn about his son, Henry was shocked Emma lied to him just like Regina would, and Rumple was just plain stunned. Que a final memory of Rumple’s from the past . . . Rumple as the Dark One tracked down the seer again. She was older and tired of her power, which she gladly gave to Rumple. He felt it would help him find his son. Once he had it, he realized it was more of a curse than a blessing, as he couldn’t make sense of anything. As she died, she said he’d learn to use it in time. She also gave him one last prophecy. She said he would find his son, a young boy would help lead him back to his son . . . however this young boy would also be Rumple’s undoing. Rumple said “Well then I’ll just have to kill him!” Uh oh . . . he never thought he’d have to choose between himself and his own grandson. Henry could be in serious trouble! My guess is this could serve, down the line, to bring Emma and Regina together in order to fight Rumple.

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Dallas, Glee, and 90210 Thoughts in a Nutshell . . . .

Dallas, Glee, and 90210 Thoughts in a Nutshell . . . .

Posted by Dustin on 02.17.2013 at 8:24 pm

鼎宝福彩So I am combining a whole lot of thoughts from various shows in one post in order to pump them out and NOT keep falling behind! I’m going to do the same with reality television this week as well.

The Ewings can’t seem to catch a break at all lately. Rebecca got away with murder, having Cliff pin everything on his driver Frank, who took a cyanide capsule at his arraignment and thus couldn’t rat out Rebecca. Once again, how does the judge not see how well everything turns out for this girl? It drives me nuts! Poor Christopher! I was glad to see J.R. tell his son he was hanging on all of Christopher’s droppings!

鼎宝福彩Meanwhile even though Anne shot Harrison, Bobby took the blame for her. Then when Harrison woke up, he fingered Bobby! Seems his momma put him up to it, and they just want to continue punishing Anne. I wish characters on soaps could learn to use the recording devices on their phones to record people when they share all their secrets. Anne went to Harrison to get a reason out of him! Sure he made sure she didn’t have a wire on, but did he check her phone?

I hate that they are destroying Max and Naomi, again. Make up your mind show!

Teddy demanding Silver use a surrogate was pretty harsh, and bringing in his lover’s little sister to be the surrogate? Oh hell no! Silver should have vetoed that. Shane clearly has some insane agenda with this kid, he has since he found out about it. He pushed Teddy to get custody. He’s up to something. Now it seems his sister has some past with Navid? I wonder if she was one of his dad’s underage “actresses.”

They should just hurry up and put Annie and Liam back together, as we all know that’s where their storylines are going.

鼎宝福彩 I was not happy that we didn’t get the Will and Emma wedding, but somehow knew we wouldn’t. This show has never made it easy for either of these two. Will didn’t find out about Finn and Emma’s kiss, but he eventually does and it’s not pretty. For know he seems to think this is another one of Emma’s freak-outs.

At the failed wedding former lovers reunited, and others experimented. Quinn and Santana got it on! But it was just an experimenting thing for Quinn, because “all college girls do it.”

I was sad that Kurt and Blaine hooked up. I know! But after what Blaine did to Kurt, I was hoping his new guy in New York would treat him right. Now I worry Kurt blew that. Kurt at least opened Tina’s eyes to Blaine though . . .

鼎宝福彩Finally it seems Rachel is pregnant? But who is the daddy! And is her new boy-toy at NYADA a gigalo?

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Army Wives Season 7 Poster!

Army Wives Season 7 Poster!

Posted by Dustin on 02.17.2013 at 3:17 pm



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