Smash! Marilyn Flip Flop?

Smash! Marilyn Flip Flop?

Posted by Dustin on 02.29.2012 at 8:27 pm

I’m really starting to get into “Smash,” to the point that I really don’t think I even need the songs honestly. The storyline is really heating up, and I want more, more more!

鼎宝福彩The Ivy and Karen drama was smoking in the latest episode. I hated Ivy for being such a “Diva” as her friend put it, and loved that Karen convinced some of the other members of the ensemble to help her out, to tell her what she was doing wrong. Still, I want Ivy to crash and burn. Ivy only finally in this episode got to see Derek’s place . . . wonder how she’ll react to know Karen was invited over long before her?

鼎宝福彩The Julia and Mike drama is also heating up. How long before these two cheat again? I would hope Mike won’t cheat on his wife and kids, but he really can’t keep his eyes off of Julia. Tsk Tsk!

In the latest episode we got a little more clues about Tom and Derek and their feud. The comment was made by guest star Nick Jonas, who was some child prodigy they cast in the first play they did together, that they used to be best friends? Really? I want to know what happened!

鼎宝福彩Then there is Tom’s sneaky assistant Ellis. Julia can’t stand him, does she have reason? He of course thinks this entire musical was his idea (I guess he didn’t hear him when they said they tried it before and it flopped). I know he’s going to do something underhanded at some point!

Spoilers for the next two episodes below!

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ABC More Mid-March Spoilers

ABC More Mid-March Spoilers

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 02.29.2012 at 7:48 pm

A few more mid-March spoilers . . . in this group . . .

On “Body of Proof,” it’s another murder case, but fortunately Jamie Bamber is on as Megan’s new love interest Aidan. These two are hot!
On “The River,” the gang finds another clue that Emmett is alive, while they are stalked by cannibals.
On “Grey’s Anatomy,” Meredith returns to working with Derek, and Jackson’s mom returns! Debbie Allen guests.
On “Private Practice,” Erica begins to go downhill, while Amelia has to decide the fate of her unborn baby (uh oh, drug baby?).
On “Once Upon a Time,” Emma is forced to arrest Mary Margaret for Katherine’s murder (do they even have a body?). (Psssst! Alice in Wonderland will be coming up soon as Sebastian Stan has been revealed to be the Mad Hatter).
On “Desperate Housewives, it’s the funeral for the dead character. Rex Van De Camp and Mama Solis make an appearance!
On “GCB,” a relationship seminar causes girl (and boy?) drama.

Read on for the full spoilers . . . .

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Army Wives Season 6 Spoiler Trailer!

Army Wives Season 6 Spoiler Trailer!

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 02.29.2012 at 12:10 pm

Finally, the sneak peak I saw almost a month ago now in the theaters is on the net!

“Army Wives” has a 2 hour premier this Sunday, March 4th!

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Pretty Little Liars: The Suspect List Keeps Growing!

Pretty Little Liars: The Suspect List Keeps Growing!

Posted by Dustin on 02.28.2012 at 8:51 pm

There are only a few more episodes left of the season. -A will be revealed on the season finale on March 19th (the spoilers for this are below by the way).

The latest episode dealt with the father-daughter dance, apparently an annual tradition that these girls have done since they were little tots. Hannah’s dad bailed, Aria went with her dad only to keep up the ruse that she’s not still seeing Ezra, Spencer and her dad had major trust issues, and Emily’s dad returned . . . and dropped the bomb that he was being shipped out right after the dance.

The suspect list for -A is of course going through the roof in these last few episodes. Mona, because she has been blackmailed, has been brought into the fold by the girls. A rouse? When the girls learned Hannah’s mom has been talking to her buddy (well the jerk detective she had a fling with) on the police force, and that Aria’s mom too has been asking about -A, Mona was the one who came up with a plan to try and derail them. Hmmmm, to protect her own scheme? It didn’t work, both the mom’s got together at the end to talk, neither one believe the lies the girls (Aria) told them about being -A. Unfortunately someone spied on them as they talked . . . . I hope one of them isn’t the person killed off, as they are the only two active mothers on this show.

Both Melissa and Spencer’s dad came off looking like -A. Melissa did her best to make Spencer suspect their father. In the end, Spencer’s dad could explain everything she found on him. He claimed to have paid a private eye to look into Melissa for peace of mind, he apparently thought she could have killed Alison! He also revealed Melissa was sending Alison texts, but she claimed Alison knew they were coming from her. The end of the show had Melissa leaving, and Spencer’s dad learning his gun was gone!

鼎宝福彩Maya is also missing. It seems she went to San Fran. However we saw the gloved one buying a paper at the very end showing Maya on the front as a missing person. Is Maya dead? Or is Maya -A?

The girls learned one of the numbers threatening Alison was of course Melissa, but another came from a nearby town. They had coordinates to where the calls came from, and it led them to a doll shop. They recognized the dolls as the ones -A set up in Spencer’s attic. Meanwhile Aria put on Alison’s old coat, which was still in Spencer’s car. From behind, with her dark hair, someone spotted her and called out “Vivian?” Aria turned around and gasped. I’m not sure if we are supposed to recognize who the guy was? Because I didn’t.

鼎宝福彩I feel like all of the above suspects are TOO easy. This has to come off as a huge shocker. For some reason, Aria’s little brother started to stand out once again as a candidate. He would be shocking, but we really have no reason for him to want Alison dead. They still seem to be hanging Alison’s older man over our heads. Could the detective/cop be the crooked one after all? He really wanted to get Hannah’s phone for some reason. Was it really to help her mom find out what was going on? Hannah’s dad was conveniently bailed on her, a shocking suspect in deed!

鼎宝福彩Read on for the spoilers from the final episode of the season!

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Catching Up With Revenge . . . .

Catching Up With Revenge . . . .

Posted by Dustin on 02.26.2012 at 9:39 pm

So I accidentally read the huge twist for the most recent episode of “Revenge” . . . . so then I just decided rather than catch up on all my back episodes, I’d just watch it 🙂 The 5 minute recap in the beginning, along with what I had been reading along the way, pretty much filled me in. Next week’s episode, BTW, is the last that has any spoilers or releases put out. So I’m assuming we are going to see a hiatus for the show soon? Unless the releases haven’t been put out to hide something huge . . . . Because I didn’t see a few episodes, I’m a bit foggy on some things here. The last one I saw was in January when Tyler was taken off to the hospital after going nuts at Daniel’s birthday . . .

So I love the twist that Charlotte is also David’s daughter, and Amanda/Emily’s half-sister. That explains why Victoria always seemed distant from her daughter and revealed to that shrink she regretted having her. I would think, since she supposedly really loved David, that Charlotte would have become her favorite. Was this their attempt to hid this little secret? As I googled, I found others figured it out looooong ago. I did not see that one coming though.

The latest episode finally brought us full circle, back to the very first episode, the Fire and Ice engagement party for Emily and Daniel, back to Daniel’s shooting on the beach, back to everyone running out in terror to his cold, dead body in the sand . . . .

鼎宝福彩But of course then we went to the usual “X hours earlier” deal . . . Tyler was back, and he had found Emily/Amanda’s secret stash of info hidden in her floor boards, the “infinity box.” I guess I assumed he understood fully what it meant, that Emily was in fact the real Amanda? But then on later pondering, maybe he didn’t? Because he was intent on doing all this stuff for his own revenge . . . none of which seemed to be exposing Emily? Anyone who still watches . . . wanna share your thoughts? Did he know? I swear he told Emily/Amanda that he did? Why didn’t he use it then? Ahhhh!

Tyler took Amanda (aka the real Emily) hostage and told her that Emily (aka the real Amanda) was not her friend, and she had thrown her under the bus in the past and would so in the future. He planned to get all this money out of Emily in exchange for her secrets . . . but after Emily one’up’ed him, and Amanda ran off and ditched him, his plans changed. Tyler planed to murder Daniel at the engagement party, and frame Emily.

Amanda ran to Jack, who was planning to go to Haiti and build schools. She convinced him to take her along, and she was later touched when she learned it was Emily who always encouraged Jack to be with her . . . .

Meanwhile at the party, Daniel was introduced to this Japanese guy, who was an investor in Grayson and weary of the companies future or something. Conrad hoped Daniel could ease his mind, but Daniel was planning on running away with his fiance and leaving all this behing. Meanwhile Victor tried to convince Emily that plan was a very bad idea. It seems Emily agreed, mainly because she couldn’t have her revenge.

The Japanese guy, who is on Emily/Amanda’s side, returned the box Tyler stole from her. He told her to bury it on the beach, then he’d tell her all she wants to know. On the beach is where the shiznat started to go down of course. She ran into Daniel, who wanted them to run away . . . she basically told him that might be a bad idea. Later Tyler confronts Daniel and tries to expose Emily to him.

鼎宝福彩The next we know, a gunshot has been fired. Jack finds Amanda on the beach with the body. He tells her to run to his car and take off while he tries to hide the body. At this point Emily calls Daniel, the phone on the body rings, and JAck’s brother and Charlotte (who are skinny dipping) hear it. Jack runs off . . . Charlotte screams, and everyone comes running.

鼎宝福彩Amanda (aka the Real Emily) can’t get Jack’s car working, and a mysterious stranger shows up to drive her off. We don’t see who, but it seems to be the Japanese guy (as he says “It’s an honor to serve you”).

鼎宝福彩Back on the beach, everyone runs to the body, Victoria flips it over . . . . then in the distance we see Daniel approach covered in blood. The body is Tyler, and she tells him not to say a word!

So . . . . what to think. All this time we’ve been lead to believe Daniel was dead. From what I even read early on, that was supposedly the plan for the second half of the season. Were we all punked? Or was something changed at the last minute to save Daniel? It seemed to me that everyone fell in love with Emily and Daniel, and everyone was sad that Daniel was about to be killed off. Did the show flip things at the very end so as to not kill a potential power couple off? Honestly, I haven’t read any interviews with the show producers and writers, so I don’t know. I guess I should go google that, shouldn’t I? . . . . And so a quick Google seems to be on the side that the show flipped things last minute, that in the original episode it was clearly Daniel we saw falling down to his death on the beach. Hmmmmm . . . .

鼎宝福彩I don’t know, I really have always been in favor of Emily/Amanda ending up with Jack honestly. It will be interesting to see where the show goes from here on out. Originally I had heard the plan for the second half of the season was to flashback to David’s trial and treat us to it, along side Emily/Amanda on trial for Daniel’s death . . . . that doesn’t seem possible now does it?

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ABC Early/Mid March Spoilers

ABC Early/Mid March Spoilers

Posted by Dustin on 02.26.2012 at 12:32 pm

There seems to be a whole lot of re-runs going on in early March! Here are some of the new episodes being aired . . .

On “The River,” the crew is getting closer to Emmett as they discover his camera bag!
On “Once Upon A Time,” Emma hired Ruby/Red to be her assistant. We also learn Red’s back story in Fairytale land.
On “Desperate Housewives,” Mrs. McKluskey asks Bree to help her end her life. Oh my!
On “GCB” the second episode has a lot of scheming and name calling going on.

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Grimm: Enter Spartacus!

Grimm: Enter Spartacus!

Posted by Dustin on 02.25.2012 at 8:15 pm

So I really enjoyed the latest episode of “Grimm,” mainly because we started to advance the stories.

It was Dave and Juliette’s 3rd anniversary (of being together). She was planning a romantic dinner, which he assured her he would not be late for . . . that of course meant he would be. Oh and he was, but because she happened to find a little black box with a ring in it hidden in his drawer, it didn’t seem like she was too heartbroken. She was sad, but I think she forgave him knowing what he was planning? We can only assume she was expecting him to propose that night . . . good thing he was late! He’s had that since the beginning of the show, and his Aunt Marie warned him not to marry her as he’d only bring her danger and grief. I don’t think he was going to pop the question, then she would have been pissed!

鼎宝福彩The main monster story dealt with a group of monsters (Lowen) who liked to round up people and make them fight in gladiator games. They fed the losers to the winers, which seamed to make them insane and strong. What we learned was that the Captain was in cahoots with the Lowen and letting it happen . . to an extent. He provided them with criminals who seemed to escape or evade the law, but the Lowen wanted bigger fun and were gathering up monsters. The Captain later went to see a priest in a church, talking all this strange talk about “people falling out of the order” and how they needed his help to unleash “God’s wrath” on one of these fallen, who would not be abe to find his way back. In the end the Captain set a monster upon the Lowen leader. All we could hear is what sounded like a panther or cat-like creature, and we assume this was the priest?

I am assuming this “order” is what the strange guy at the beginning of the series was a part of, the one who came after Marie? That was also the first hint the Captain was possibly bad, as he had a connection to them. I am guessing the Captain then is also a monster, and I don’t think we’ve ever seen him shift? Dave obviously hasn’t either. However the previews for next week seem to indicate he won’t be able to keep his secret for long. It looks like the Captain’s dark side finally comes out.

鼎宝福彩Spoilers for the next two shows below!

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Parenthood: Great Sadness Mixed With Great Joy . . .

Parenthood: Great Sadness Mixed With Great Joy . . .

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 02.23.2012 at 8:43 pm

So what we’ve been expecting all season transpired on the latest episode of “Parenthood,” and it really sucked! Zoe went into labor, and Julia was there by her side helping her out the whole way . . . and I’m sure footing the bill too . . . but the minute she finally held the baby, it was over. Julia could see by the look on her face that Zoe was keeping her baby . . . “Julia don’t preach!” We’ve known this was going to happen from the beginning. I never got my hopes up, okay I did a few times, but I knew it wasn’t going to work out. That would be too easy, too perfect. Zoe . . . get out of town because I don’t want to have to watch Julia constantly seeing you!

Crosby and Jasmine went on a camping trip with Jabar, and of course they continued to grow closer. Jasmine had yet to tell Jabar about moving in with Dr. Joe. Crosby felt it would be okay, Jabar liked him, and he was good for them . . . blah blah blah. Crosby admitted he was angry though, he realized he had a great family and ruined it all, but they had to move on. Jasmine finally stopped Crosby from leaving and said she loved him and wanted to marry him, to be a family with him and Jabar. As with the Zoe situation, we knew this was coming. The minute Jasmine seduced Crosby and he stepped up and agreed to let it go, that she shouldn’t let this ruin what she had with Joe . . . we knew this was coming. I don’t feel to bad with Joe, I think he knew it to. I think that’s why he was pushing so hard for the house and for her to move in. I do feel bad for the Cellist that Crosby is dating though! But like Joe, she has to know too. You can only listen to so much about a person’s ex before you get a clue.

Sarah and Mark’s happy life keeps getting hit with sidelines. Last week Drew had issues with Sarah moving on and making a new family. Then Seth called, out of rehab and doing well. Oh no, hang up the phone! Now Mark wants to move to New York, which looks to be the nail in the coffin. We know Sarah isn’t leaving the show, but Mark’s character is clearly expendable.

Adam met with the guy who has been after him and Crosby to sell “The Luncheonette.” He first offered them a million dollars, but Crosby said no. Later he made Adam another offer that was too good to pass up. Adam said he’d talk to Crosby and try and convince him. Okay first, if someone wants to sell buy something at that price, it’s too good to be true. That studio must be sitting on a gold mine. There must be long hidden tracks stashed in it’s walls or something! Second . . . don’t trust Duane Wayne man!

Next week is the season finale. Damn that’s fairly early! The main even is Crosby’s wedding. However knowing the way this show tends to pull out insane cliff hangers, I think the real event could be Zeke’s health. What’s going on with his still hasn’t been fully settled, and I could see him collapsing at the wedding. Teasers also hint at something huge for Julia and Joel . . . I hope it’s good news! I have always expected them to get pregnant once they stopped trying.

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Once Upon A Time: Golden Boy Fredrick

Once Upon A Time: Golden Boy Fredrick

Posted by Dustin on 02.22.2012 at 10:18 pm

This week’s episode was another Snow/Mary and David/Charming episode . . . but there were some good twists. Bascially we learned that Abigail/Katherine is not some evil bitch, but a victim herself.

鼎宝福彩Charming learned Abigail also had no desire to marry him just as he didn’t her, that she had met her true love, who was sadly turned to gold by Midas on accident. She tells him of a lake with magic water that can return something lost to you, but a creature guards it. Of course Charming plans to vanquish the creature are give her back her true love, thinking if he can’t have his . . . at least one can be happy. This is where things just got weird for me. The monster was a sexy woman, and they seem to be mixing Greek myths in here. The woman was a Greek Siren, and the name of the lake Nostos – is Greek for homecoming. Hmmmmm, I hope they aren’t already running out of fairytale ideas! In the end Charming succeeded, and he freed Fredrick for Abigail.

鼎宝福彩By the end Charming learned from Ruby that Snow didn’t ditch him, and if she never showed to meet him and stop his wedding, then something must have happened. At that moment his “Father” arrived with an army to kill Charming for betraying him and the kingdom . . .

In Storybrooke, Katherine has applied to law school in Boston, and told David. David is happy for her, but fails to tell her that he wants to leave her to be with Mary . . . which he let Mary believe he was going to do. He simply tells her she needs to start over without him. Of course Regina is all but happy to tell Katherine the truth, that David is having an affair with Mary Margaret. Katherine is devastated. She’s not only pissed at David and Mary, but Regina too. I don’t think Regina saw that coming, as when Katherine vowed to leave and find her own real true love (which she realizes David was not) . . . that was not what Regina wanted to hear. She wanted her to fight for David, so off to craft a spell she went! She burned some love letters between David and Mary Katherine’s goodbye letter to David . . .

Nobody can leave Storybrooke as we know, and Regina’s spell took care of Katherine. Her car crashed . . . but she’s not inside. She was of course found by Fredrick on this side of the mirror? He is a gym teacher and works with Mary. Unfortunately this looks very bad for both David and Mary. Before she left, Katherine let loose on Mary in the middle of school, and some mom’s overheard. Mary has been targeted as the town tramp, even having her car defaced. Yes, Katherine is missing and Mary and David have motive . . . I guess Regina found a way to keep true love apart. Mary is equally pissed at David for not being a man and telling Katherine the truth. Though one thing I guess I’m confused about, true loves kiss. They’ve already kissed, so shouldn’t that have broken the curse? Or is this curse too powerful for true love’s kiss?

Meanwhile, Emma and “The Writer” has another encounter, and we at least learned his name is August W. Booth. Later we learn that August made a copy, and exact copy of Henry’s book . . . and later left it to be found by Emma, who returned it to a thrilled Henry. However the writer has a copy too (or the original?). I’m thinking more and more he could be Rumple’s Son!

Desperate Housewives: Evil Orson!

Desperate Housewives: Evil Orson!

Posted by Dustin on 02.20.2012 at 8:34 pm

鼎宝福彩So I didn’t write a thoughts update about last week’s “Desperate Housewives,” in part because the episode was soooooo boring and I didn’t have much to say about Lynette’s sexy time with her new guy. This week’s episode was much more enjoyable . . . though infuriating at the same time.

We’ve basically been told next month that a major character will die, well before the season finale in May (though there are only 7 new episodes left before the two hour finale . . . so I guess that means 9 episodes left in reality.) This episode heavily hinted that it could be Karen, who is fighting cancer. She’s doing so in secret, not having told the other women and also having kicked Roy out so he doesn’t figure out what is going on. The actress in real life has been going through her own cancer fight, so honestly I think it would be really sick and depraved to kill her TV character off with the disease. Would Marc Cherry be so cold?

鼎宝福彩I started getting the feeling in this episode that they might actually kill of Mike. He’s been between a rock and a hard place all season with his work for Ben. I could see him ending up getting killed off . . . which would suck!

Renee has also seemingly put herself in harms way. After getting roughed up by the loan sharks, Ben ended up in the hospital. Renee decided to pay them off to save him, even if he was an ass to her. He told her not to, it was his problem. He wanted to solve it, then give her a proper proposal. But even though they were paid off, the loan sharks still don’t seem satisfied and gave Renee veiled threats . . . . Could Renee find herself dead soon? While she’s a major character, she’s not one many have become attached to as she’s so new, so she is very expendable.

The other major story dealt with Orson “rescuing” Bree and helping her out. He rode in like a shining knight, called by the girls mind you, and then proceeded to LIE to Bree! She wanted to reach out to the girls, but he lied and claimed they were glad to be rid of her. Then in the final moments we learned what some had suspected all along . . . Orson has been behind a lot of misdoings! He has been spying on Bree for months, and he was behind all the notes in her mailbox. He pushed her over the edge with the hopes of being her hero . . . now he has her secluded in some kind of “Misery” setting out in Maine (or where he wants them to move to). Oh lord, I hope Bree wakes up and fast!

ACK! POST NOTE: I forgot the entire storyline with Susan, Julie and the baby! Susan learned that Lynette’s son Porter was the father. Porter wanted to step up and raise the kid, Julie wanted to put it up for adoption. Knowing her son, Lynette was on Julie’s side, while Susan was on Porter’s side. For once I actually found myself on Team Susan! I know, shocking. She usually does NOTHING right on this show, just causes more problems. Maybe that is what she’s doing, and I did feel for Julie as she told her mother “she took this choice from her . . . ” In other words Susan’s meddling has made it more difficult for her to give the baby up and not have to see it again. I still oddly find myself on Team Susan . . .