Person’s Unknown: Father Joe and Nurse Tori

Person’s Unknown: Father Joe and Nurse Tori

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 07.31.2010 at 9:33 pm

Wow just when I thought they couldn’t bring out anymore twists! Good show tonight! So what did we learn? . . . . . .

鼎宝福彩Well first, we got a back story on Joe, who in fact was Father Joe Tucker? Yes, he was a priest taken from a South American church and pulled into the program. He was put in the same situation as Janet, to kill someone to go free, and when he did it . . . . that was the first step to more for him. HE met the director of the program, who felt he was the future of the program.

However for most of this episode, a shaved Joe was on a table in a white steril room where he was being reprogrammed for the program. He either returned, or would die during the reprogramming. Tori showed up as a nurse . . . but was she there? Janet was in the room too . . . so it seemed like both were projections of his mind. However I think Tori was there . . . I don’t think she’s dead, I never did. I think she was a plant just like Joe.

Back in the town, Blackman pleaded with the cameras, saying he was a nobody, he didn’t know why they took him, he had no potential. The next thing he knew, he was outside of the town . . . free to go . . . but to where? He realized he was going nowhere and returned, hoping that proved something to the people.

Meanwhile Kat and Renbi met the one woman who escaped the program, she was in a looney bin in South America . . . turns out it was the director from Joe’s flashback! She sent them to a church where they learned about Father Joe. Later though the director had all but vanished from her looney bin cell.

I did like the Father Joe twist a lot . . . but at the same time it was similar to the jump the shark moment from last week for me. Shocking that “the church” is somehow involved in the program no? I’m wondering if “the program” in fact is going to end up being something along the lines of a certain trilogy of books that came out not so long ago . . . the first was made into a movie . . . I don’t want to spoil much for those who may want to read them . . . let’s just say I won’t be shocked if “the program” in fact is a giant organization posing as God/morality in the end of all this.

American Idol: Ellen and Kara OUT! Whose In?

American Idol: Ellen and Kara OUT! Whose In?

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 07.31.2010 at 5:37 pm

鼎宝福彩So unless you were in a vacation bubble these past few days, you no doubt have heard the news. First Ellen DeGeneres quit “American Idol,” saying that it just wasn’t right for her in the end. Then came rumors that have basically been all but confirmed/reported by the media that Kara Dioguardi was fired (TMZ was the original source on this one).

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are the names currently floating around as replacement judges. It seems that the show will probably just return to the three judge format. However obviously the only original judge left is Randy Jackson . . . which begs the answer to the question “Can The Show Still Work?”

Will anyone be surprised if Paula suddenly returned? At this point in the game, and in an attempt to save the show, I wouldn’t. I mean, do we remember who even won the show last season? Where is news on their album or single?

鼎宝福彩Personally, I think it’s time for “Idol” to just hang up the microphone.

Person’s Unknown Spoilers: August 7th Episode

Person’s Unknown Spoilers: August 7th Episode

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 07.31.2010 at 5:31 pm

August 7th – Static

鼎宝福彩CHAOS ENSUES— After returning to town, Joe’s troubles worsen as he suffers from frightening side effects caused by his “reeducation.” The rest of the group is left wondering whether they would simply be better off without him. Concerned by the chaotic mess the town has become, the Director of “The Program” sends a surprising new night manager and second-in-command, Liam Ulrich (Alan Smyth) to restore order. Meanwhile, Renbe (Gerald Kyd) and Kat (Lola Glaudini) get raided by local South American police, which ends in Renbe’s arrest. Also starring Jason Wiles, Daisy Betts, Alan Ruck, Sean O’Bryan, Tina Holmes, Chadwick Boseman and Kandyse McClure.

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Big Brother 12: Rachel’s HOH Nominations!

Big Brother 12: Rachel’s HOH Nominations!

Posted by Dustin on 07.30.2010 at 9:24 pm

If you wanna know who Rachel nominated . . . read on!

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Project Runway Season 8 Is a Go!

Project Runway Season 8 Is a Go!

Posted by Dustin on 07.29.2010 at 11:43 pm

The latest, and expanded, season of “Project Runway” hit Lifetime tonight. Not only was it an hour and a half, but they had more contestants than normal. So the first challenge was one they had about five hours to do in order to weed out some of them right off the bat. They called it an “Extended Audition.” They had to make an outfit out of a garment belonging to another one of the designers.

I really don’t remember many of their names at this point, except for Kristin cause she’s from Philly, Ivy because of her fugly pants, and Cesar for his Princess Leia slave outfit . . . . and the fact that a pair of $1000 pants of his got destroyed as part of the challenge. Who pays that much money for pants that isn’t a movie star? Honestly, even if you are a movie star . . . that’s insane!

鼎宝福彩In the end this one girl with dreads got eliminated . . . while Cesar and his slave outfit and this other guy (Jacob) who basically turned a kimono backwards and stapled it (awesome, you made a snuggie!) got to stay. Really? Sometimes I wonder what in the hell goes on in the judges heads. At least the girl they sent home sewed something!

I hope this season will be good, cause this show needs a really awesome and exceptional season.

Big Brother July 29th: 3rd Eviction and New HOH

Big Brother July 29th: 3rd Eviction and New HOH

Posted by Dustin on 07.29.2010 at 8:53 pm

鼎宝福彩After the POV ceremony, Rachel was pissed and in tears over yet someone else in the house turning on her. Brendan calmed her down and told her that this was their plan to keep Andrew. The rest of the house however felt this was a plan and Rachel even knew about it . . . which she didn’t.

Matt talked to Andrew, telling him that people think the whole thing was staged and he’s not after Rachel and Brendan.

Rachel felt betrayed by Brendan by not telling her about this plan. She gave him the cold shoulder and pouted while he kissed ass. When he tried to kiss her, she pulled away. He even said he loved her, yes he used the L word!

鼎宝福彩Kathy tried to sell herself to Ragan as to why she needed to be here. She says because of her cancer treatments, she is strapped for cash and needs money to pay for her son’s schooling. She then continued to sell the story with other people.

Andrew began to feel like a leper and an outcast. He ended up breaking down in a room alone. He has nobody to talk to and cried to the DR camera about how he’s just alone. Later Andrew confronted Kathy and Kristin saying not to play him like a fiddle, he doesn’t appreciate it. Kristin was furious and laid into him, saying he’s on the block and he’s not talking to her. It turned into a huge shouting match and everyone in the house listening in.

The Brigade then decided if they left Andrew in the house, everyone might want to get him out next week and they’d be safe.

Everyone gathered for the vote, and Julie talked to Enzo about his accent and how Britney has been trying to teach him the ability to pronounce words without the Jersey accent. Julie also told them that this week nobody would have to be on slop.

Matt’s wife weighed in on Matt’s lie. She didn’t like it or agree with his choice and felt it could come back to bite him in the butt. When Julie talked to Matt in private, he believed his lie was working and he has at least three votes in the jury house if he needs them.

The live vote was held, and beforehand each person got their chance to plead their case. Kathy told them all that she loves them all, and when she came in here she agreed that she would not change who she was. She says if that gets her voted out, she leaves being herself. Andrew got up and basically revealed Kristen and Hayden’s relationship, and how they are another couple that the house needs to get out, and then he told everyone the crap they talked about everyone, especially the crap Kristin has been talking about them all! Stuff like she had Ragan under her control, Enzo was an idiot, Haydan she was stringing along, and there was something about Brittany and Lane too.

Kristin wasn’t allowed a rebuttal, they had to go and vote immediately. The ENTIRE house, every one of them, voted to evict Andrew! Andrew said his goodbyes and then left. Andrew whispered to Hayden before leaving, and he told Julie he told him to get away from Kristin. Julie also informed Andrew that while the disease Matt gave his wife was real, she is fine and Matt’s lying.

Andrew watched his goodbye speeches . . . and of course Rachel was glad to see him go because nobody gets in between her and her man . . . especially not another man!

鼎宝福彩The next HOH game was played. It was a trivia game based on previous competitions, and it was a game where two houseguests compete against each other, knocking one out of the game and then the winner choosing the next two to compete.

And the new HOH ? ? ? Are you ready for this ? ? ? RACHEL!

鼎宝福彩Now a new twist . . . Pandora’s box comes back next week and America can vote someone in the house to become the new Saboteur. This time though they only get $20,000 dollars and have to survive the next two weeks. It was not mentioned if they have to bow out of the whole game as the original saboteur was supposed to. They’ll be revealed on Sunday!

PS . . .at the very end Kristin and Hayden were trying to deny their showmance, but Rachel said she too saw them making out. They got into a fight and Kristin said she already knows Rachel will put her and Hayden up. Rachel said she hadn’t made up her mind, but maybe she will!

Big Brother 12: Matt The Diabolical Super Genius?

Big Brother 12: Matt The Diabolical Super Genius?

Posted by Dustin on 07.29.2010 at 2:53 pm

鼎宝福彩Oh “Big Brother,” for a house full of super smart chemists and mensa members, they are all playing this game really dumb! I had a migraine last night, so I didn’t get to do a write up of the show as it was going on. This is a mini-cap, some of my thoughts, and some tidbits from the feeds for tonight’s show.

鼎宝福彩Matt had put Kathy and Andrew up. Kathy was just personal, he felt she was coming for him. Andrew . . . nobody got that one. Even the Brigade thought Matt blew it not putting Rachel and Brendan up. They were hoping to backdoor one of them, but both Rachel and Brendan got to play in the veto and Brendan won it.

At the POV ceremony, Kathy said she didn’t expect Brendan to use it on her, because then Rachel would go up. Andrew however made this silly speech about how he wanted Brendan to use it on him, but to know he would be coming after him and Rachel should he stay. He said everyone who claims they are coming for them seems to stay in the house, so maybe the strategy will work for him.

Nobody knew what to say after Matt’s speech. What we didn’t see, and probably will tonight, is that Rachel blows up at Andrew as they had been nothing but nice to him. Apparently her acting isn’t that good, and a lot of people realize this was a plan by Rachel and Brendan to try and keep Andrew in the house.

鼎宝福彩Most likely unless something huge happens, Andrew is probably out the door. If they vote Kathy out, the house is just dumb! I think many in the Brigade realize Andrew is at least a competitor, so get him out now. Kathy can be dealt with later.

鼎宝福彩Personally, I hope Brendan or Rachel win HOH tonight just because it will be hilarious to see them put Matt up and send the diabolical super genius packing. Also the HOH will probably be a trivia type game because the houseguests weren’t on too many lockdowns.

BTW, if you haven’t caught on, it’s somewhat hard without Afterdark/The Feeds . . . Matt the DSG ALWAYS has one of his hands down his pants . . . ALWAYS! Someone made a funny video and put it on youtube. . . .

Private Practice Guest Stars and Premier Wedding?

Private Practice Guest Stars and Premier Wedding?

Posted by Dustin on 07.29.2010 at 2:21 pm

On the season premier of “Private Practice” a wedding is set to occur! And it looks like the happy couple will be Pete and Charlotte Violet, who reconnected in the season finale of the show.

According to , Currie Graham and French Stewart will guest star as a pair of brothers on the premier of “Private Practice,” one who is in need of a kidney transplant.

According to Justine Bateman will make a guest appearance as a mother of a child with autism.

Glee Casting News and Season 2 Spoilers

Glee Casting News and Season 2 Spoilers

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 07.27.2010 at 6:53 pm

So I have a bunch of “Glee” news to post that I’ve been reading over the past week and is stuck in my head. A lot of this comes from ComicCon reports from the likes of Ausiello/Korbi/Kristen and others.

As previously mentioned, the show returns the 21st, while the Britney Spears themed episode is set for the 28th, the 2nd show of the season. It’s being called Britney/Brittany and Brittany finally will be a featured singer, doing two songs in the show. Matthew Morrison objected to the idea in the press when it came up eons ago when the Madonna episode had just aired, so apparently through the whole episode Mr. Shuester refuses to take part in the Britney love fest.

There will also be some kind of tribute to the “Rocky Horror Show” in an episode. No other info is known.

鼎宝福彩There is supposed to be less musical numbers this season per episode so they can focus more on the characters and stories.

鼎宝福彩Kurt’s dad (Mike O’Malley) is being bumped up to a full cast member (I believe, maybe it was recurring?). So there could be hope for him and Finn’s mom still!

Pop singer Charice is joining the show as a new member of New Directions and will give Rachel a run for her money. Meanwhile just announced today Chord Overstreet of “iCarly” is also a new member, and will be Finn’s competition.

鼎宝福彩 Has revealed that Coach Tanaka is out and a new football coach is in . . . a female coach! Dot Jones joins the show as Shannan Beastie. Whach out Sue!

鼎宝福彩Both Indina Menzel and Kristin Chenowith are expected to return at some points in Season 2.

Finally the big news from today is that Cheyenne Jackson is joining the show as Vocal Adrenaline’s new coach!

鼎宝福彩*Bonus Update!* Cheyenne Jackson singing a song from “Xanadu.”

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Army Wives: Dating Woes and More Lawsuits

Army Wives: Dating Woes and More Lawsuits

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 07.26.2010 at 8:33 pm

Last night’s episode I felt was only so-so really. Most of the show dealt with the return of Harry Hamlin as Claudia Joy’s law professor and them dealing with another lawsuit involving the army. This time it involved a single mother who went AWAL before deployment in an attempt to find someone in her hometown to care for her young daughter. It was a tough case, the woman loved the army and it was her life and dream, but as she put it she couldn’t show up on the tarmac with her kid. However as the Army sees it, she had ample time to make preparations. Harry Hamlin wanted her to go for a court marshall so they could have a trial to try and save her career and get her child back, who was in foster care. However that would take months, and Claudia Joy knew that she would probably not win. She’d go to jail and her child put up for adoption. In the end the woman was given a discharge and reunited with her child.

I wasn’t a fan of this case or story. On one hand I felt for the woman a lot, what was she supposed to do with her kid? On the other, she was in the army, she had been in the army, she knew the rules and how it worked. Did she think she was going to get special treatment? There was no winner at the end either, while she didn’t go to jail or lose her kid, she lost the only career she ever wanted. She did put it best, she had her daughter and she can find a new dream.

Pamela attempted to go on a date with a divorced dad of one of Katie’s friends, but he got way too drunk and cried about wanting his ex-wife back. Meanwhile over in Afganistan, Jeremy met a nurse who was part of a support group over there that he took a liking too.

鼎宝福彩I definitely liked the story with Jeremy and the nurse. However I feel like one shouldn’t get attached cause one of them might not make it till the end of the season.

Only three episodes remain in the season. Sniff . . . we got spoiled last year as the season went into September.

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