Heroes: Cheerleading, Time Traveling and Paintings

Heroes: Cheerleading, Time Traveling and Paintings

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 10.31.2007 at 11:49 am

Okay I have, in the process of writing this post, lost it TWICE! So I had stuff to say, but at this point my annoyance at losing my post might result in my leaving some stuff out. Sorry!

First up, I’m bored to death with the Maya, Alejandro and Sylar road trip. These people have been on the road far too long, it can’t take this long to reach the border! Sylar told Alejandro he was basically going to use then kill them for their “sweet” powers. Okay first, Sylar has to somehow get his power to take other powers back first. Second, wanna bet Alejandro understood every word he just said?

Over to Ireland, Peter and Caitlin (Actually I don’t think this is her name) traveled to Montreal to investigate the painting. They found a note from one Adam that “The Company” was too powerful to be taken down, or something or another. Peter made an odd wish to know what was going to happen, and ZAP. They are in New York in 2008, and it’s been evacuated due to some type of hazard. Wanna bet it’s “The Company’s” virus gone completely out of control in the general population? Braaaaaiiiinnnnsssss!

鼎宝福彩Back to the past in Japan, Hiro saved the Princess when she was in danger during the attack on Whitebeard’s troops. She realized he loved her, and he was the one she was in love with under the assumption it was Kensei doing all the things. As she put it, the qualities in Kensei I loved where you all along. They smooched, and were caught by Kensei. Uh Oh! Kensei then turned on them, teamed up with Whitebeard who is set to take over Japan with guns and give Kensei whatever he wants. Seems he wants the Princess!

鼎宝福彩Over to “The Company,” Surresh brought Monica in to test her powers. Bob wanted him to test the virus on her and take her powers away, saying some abilities needed to be taken for the benefit of mankind. Surresh couldn’t do it, and threatened to quit. Bob then told him he was right, he went too far and blamed it on being with “The Company” for so long. He promised Surresh things would change, and he’d assign a partner to him to keep the checks and balances. Of course it was Nikki, who came back with a devilish smile. I think they’ve done something to her and we are back to Jessica, not Nikki. I also think Surresh has a power he doesn’t know about, but Bob does. That is why he wants to keep him around.

Claire and Wes taught the nasty head cheerleader a lesson by frightening her with their powers, when she was drunk. This not only got her caught and suspended, but Claire a spot on the cheerleader team. Not much to talk about with this story.

Finally HRG and The Haitian went to Russia to see Noah’s old mentor with “The Company.” He wanted to see the latest paintings, which the mentor had. The mentor tried to bring Noah back into the company, but Noah shot him dead! Noah then looked at the paintings (captures will be added when I get a chance.). Did anyone get the impression from the paintings that it is Surresh who is going to kill Noah and not Wes?

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Dancing With The Stars: Shocking Results!

Dancing With The Stars: Shocking Results!

Posted by Dustin on 10.30.2007 at 10:03 pm

I haven’t been blogging about “Dancing With The Stars” much. I’ve been trying to keep up, but “Heroes” cuts in so I keep having to turn it off. However tonight was one of the most shocking results I’ve ever seen on the show. One of, if not the strongest competitor Sabrina the Cheetah Girl was ousted tonight! I just don’t know what to say. I thought for sure she’d make it to the end.

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Brothers and Sisters: Pregnancy and Custody

Brothers and Sisters: Pregnancy and Custody

Posted by Dustin on 10.30.2007 at 12:46 pm

鼎宝福彩This week’s “Brothers and Sisters” angered me so much! Sarah learned that Joe planned to sue for full custody of the kids, then found out he had been planning this for months and had gotten to all the teachers and doctors for character witnesses! In the end, the judge gave temporary custody to Joe as he’s been their primary guardian while Sarah worked, and he didn’t want the kids’ situation to be changed or disrupted. Hello it’s a divorce, there will be disruption no matter what! Joe claimed the children needed stability in their lives. That’s really great, but Joe doesn’t have a job as far as we know! What happens when he’s forced to go back to work? His whole case against Sarah goes out the fricken window basically. Unless he plans to marry his ex-wife and have her support him? I really loath Joe so much right now. I hope all his dirt and shadiness comes out in court, though I have a feeling Sarah will cave and agree to joint custody so she doesn’t lose her kids all together.

The other major story this week was Kitty learning she was pregnant, which obviously puts a big crimp in Robert’s run for President. They aren’t even married yet and expecting! Not going to go over well with the voting public. Next week it looks like they try and pull off a quickie wedding to hide the pregnancy.

Tommy’s affair continued with the new office manager, but next week it looks like she’s putting the moves on Justin, much to Rebecca’s dismay. Looks like we are headed for two brothers fighting over the same girl.

Ghost Whisperer: Underground!

Ghost Whisperer: Underground!

Posted by Dustin on 10.30.2007 at 12:32 pm

So this past week on “Ghost Whisperer” a mystery was solved, but another open. Gabriel returned in this episode and Melinda learned he was in fact her brother, his mother apartently is in the insane asylum he was locked up in as well for seeing ghosts.

Melinda discovered what was underground was old Grandview, a town buried to hide its past. Melinda’s great great grandmother attempted to warn the town that the grain was poisoned, but they wouldn’t listen to her and felt she was a witch. She was warned by the ghost of a doctor who was on his way to warn them. The whole town basically went crazy because of the bread made with the grain and the reverend of the church locked them all in and burned them to death.

Melinda was almost killed, which is when her father appeared to her and urged her to fight. He claimed the reason he and her mom split is because he wanted her to use her powers, not hide them. Melinda was rescued and she saved the soul of her ancestor, but not the rest of the townspeople. She vowed to find a way to do so, but they are so under the control and fear of the reverend (this is SO poltergeist BTW!).

The show ended with the father appearing to Gabriel. The father has some kind of plan to use Melinda to do something for him, but we don’t know what. The comment that the father’s time was running out was made. Are they leaning towards having the dad reborn through Melinda or something? That was my impression.

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Spoilers Are In!

Spoilers Are In!

Posted by Dustin on 10.30.2007 at 11:07 am

For ABC Shows “Brothers and Sisters,” Desperate Housewives,” “Ugly Betty,” Grey’s Anatomy,” “Dirty Sexy Money,” and “Private Practice.” Also CBS’ “Ghost Whisperer”

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Desperate Housewives: Fountains and Treehouses

Desperate Housewives: Fountains and Treehouses

Posted by Dustin on 10.29.2007 at 5:06 pm

鼎宝福彩Last night’s episode of “Desperate Housewives” seemed like another filler episode to me. It was amusing, but didn’t move the story forward at all until the very end.

鼎宝福彩The show mostly centered on Katherine and Lynette, both running for president of the home owners association. Katherine and the women wanted Lee and Bob’s noisy water fountain gone, while Lynette was pulled in as it was made clear her kid’s tree-house would be taken out too. This was her kids “cancer free” play haven, she wanted to protect it.

In the end, Katherine won, the tie breaker was Susan. Susan had promised Lynette her vote, but Katherine too. She wanted the fountain gone as the noise was interfering with Mike’s sleep. Susan explained to Lynette it was unfair of her to be put in this situation, she had to think of her husband over Lynette’s kids. Lynette understood. Katherine, after being reamed by Adam for the way she acted towards her neighbors, agreed that Lynette’s tree-house could stay. However when she went to get Lee and Bob to get rid of their fountain . . . uh oh! Bob had connections with a hospital in Chicago and they learned they fled Chicago because of something Adam did there, and threatened to tell everyone the truth if she didn’t leave their fountain alone.

So we have learned there seem to now be two secrets in this family, one with what happened to Dylan years ago, one that more recently happened with Adam in Chicago. Are the two connected though? I bet they are somehow.

The other story of this episode dealt with the return of John the Gardner. He is now married but bored with his wife and wanted to get back with Gabby, who is also married but cheating with Carlos! Gabby turned John down, and Carlos realized he had to forgive John as he was basically now doing what John once did with Gabby. John admitted to Carlos he really did love Gabby. Later a private eye hired by Eddie got her photos of Carlos and Gabby’s affair. Hmmm, what is she going to do with them?

鼎宝福彩Oh there was one other story, Bree found out Phylis sprung Danielle, who has come home to have the baby.

Next week is when Sweeps officially starts for “DH,” so it should pick up. The preview of the Halloween party look hilarious. I loved when Danielle showed up at the party in costume and said “We don’t kick people unless they are they are the servants” and Mrs Mcclusky said “I get it, you are your mother!”

Ghost Whisperer Halloween Seance

Ghost Whisperer Halloween Seance

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 10.27.2007 at 12:28 pm


鼎宝福彩Just in time for Halloween, CBS.com will feature a “Ghost Whisperer Séance” hosted by renowned medium James Van Praagh, on Wednesday, Oct. 31 at 3:00 PM, ET/12:00 PM, PT. Van Praagh, who is a co-executive producer of the hit CBS Television drama GHOST WHISPERER, will conduct a one-hour live séance where he will perform readings for the general public via streaming video on CBS.com.

鼎宝福彩The public will be able to call Van Praagh at 323-CBS-1000 and speak to him personally as he connects with the dead, while others can simultaneously converse in a designated chat room.

The public reading will be streamed live on CBS.com and the event will be archived on the site.

GHOST WHISPERER stars Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda Gordon, a woman who communicates with earthbound spirits and ghosts who cling to the living because they have unfinished business that prevents them from moving beyond the familiar plane of existence that we call life. Inspired in part by the work of famed medium James Van Praagh and of Mary Ann Winkowski, a real-life communicator with spirits, GHOST WHISPERER explores the spiritual side of life and death as Melinda navigates among the dead and the living in her sometimes chilling, sometimes heart-rending and sometimes amusing attempts to act as an intermediary between the ghosts and those they haunt. In addition to Hewitt, David Conrad, Camryn Manheim and Jay Mohr also star in the series, however, the stars of the drama will not be taking part in the online séance.

鼎宝福彩James Van Praagh is recognized as one of the foremost mediums in the world. His unique paranormal experiences during the past 23 years have been recorded in his best-selling books Talking to Heaven, Reaching to Heaven, Healing Grief – Reclaiming Life After Any Loss and Heaven and Earth – Making the Psychic Connection. He has introduced his practices to teenagers with the book Looking Beyond: A Teens’ Guide to the Spiritual World. His book, Meditations with James Van Praagh, brought a new awareness to the mediation experience.

鼎宝福彩GHOST WHISPERER is broadcast Fridays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

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Grey’s Anatomy: Ashes to Ashes

Grey’s Anatomy: Ashes to Ashes

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 10.26.2007 at 8:23 pm

This week was the Halloween episode of “Grey’s,” which featured of all things a man cutting off his own foot because he had a body dismorphic order.

So first up, George and Izzy are apparently now a couple, given their secret is out. Aw how cute. I used to like them, but now I’m just kind of annoyed by this storyline. I have to say Yang getting a tude with them was even more annoying. I love when the new heart doctor basically put Yang in her place for sleeping with all her supervisors. Izzy was great for pointing out Meredith was sleeping with another woman’s husband as well, but she’s in Yang’s circle so she gets forgiven.

Mark and Callie had a little moment in the scrub room it seemed. I see the show heading at pairing these two up! I really do, and I actually love it. The fact that the nurses have an anti-Mark club is hilarious. Later Callie moved into Yang’s apartment, I guess they are sharing it?

Meredith brought her mom to work, well her ashes, and got weird looks all around. She was convinced if she could finally put her mom to rest that she could move on and I guess have a healthy relationship with Derek. Derek meanwhile was flirted with by nurses and that new crazy stalkerish doctor. Derek later told the Chief that he had to start dating. WHAT? Didn’t he just tell Meredith last week he’d wait for her? I’m placing a call to McVet to bring him back, Meredith should never have picked Derek over him!

鼎宝福彩Ava/Rebbecca returned this week to see Alex and ask why he never came for her. They slept together, never really got to talk because of Alex falling asleep and having to deal with an emergency, and then Ava took off. What what what! Are they going to just leave us hanging here? They better resolve this one! Though given the way Alex has been acting latelty, I don’t know if I want to see some happiness for him.

Norman meanwhile had a stroke this week and finally resolved to go into psychiatry rather than surgery. He felt his dead wife was the one who wanted him here, because she knew this would happen and he’d be around the best surgeons in the world. It seems we’ve seen the last of Old Intern, at least for now.

Dirty Sexy Money: Twincapades

Dirty Sexy Money: Twincapades

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 10.25.2007 at 7:48 pm

鼎宝福彩So the most recent episode of “Dirty Sexy Money” seemed a bit slow.

Brian’s wife finally found out that Gustaf, the orphan living with them, was really Brian Jr. She demanded a divorce, but later agreed to consider giving him another chance. Brian and Brian Jr ended up moving into the Darling mansion until she makes her decision.

Nick learned that Simon Elder probably is the mysterious C from his dad’s meeting book, based on the fact that his license plate is simply the letter C. Simone claims Dutch was about to quit working for Tripp and come work for him. He suggested Nick do the same, and once again put the suspicion for the accident back on Tripp.

Most of this episode centered around Jeremy and Juliet’s 25th birthday party, at which they came into a 25 million dollar trust fund from Letitia’s father. They proceeded to spend about 2 million each on separate parties, as they were still feuding over Jeremy and Natalie. Juliet learned Natalie was pregnant, and basically exposed to her brother she wasn’t. This made Jeremy realize most of his friends were so because of his money. Juliet came to a similar realization with her friends. Meanwhile Tripp was furious they can’t spend wisely and decided to defer their trust funds till the age of 30, almost taking Jeremy’s away for good. By the end of the episode though Jeremy made his dad proud by asking for a job.

Tripp made several comments about how the twins were not like the other children, how they only cared about things and the money and the parties. He also even wanted to take their money from them. Hmmmm. Meanwhile Jeremy and Juliet had a heart to heart, both wondering what their lives would be like if they didn’t have all the money. The show pretty much dropped a lot of clues that they may be Dutch’s kids.

Private Practice: Lady Town

Private Practice: Lady Town

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 10.25.2007 at 12:55 pm

鼎宝福彩I’ve finally got caught up with “Private Practice.” I watched last week’s episode this past weekend and this week’s episode last night. I definitely feel the show has picked up a lot since the premier, which was lackluster in comparison to these later shows.

The past two episodes have mixed well the serious cases such as the gay tween, the pregnant woman with crones disease, the runner and the woman who was assaulted; with the lighter cases such as the old couple where the man kept fainting and Dell’s attempt to do his first pap smear. “You are not probing around in Lady Town!”

I also have been enjoying the relationships between the doctors. Addison and Pete are fighting their attraction to one another. We got a little more information on Pete’s past relationship, which was apparently not a healthy one as he hated his wife, yet blamed himself for not being able to save her.

鼎宝福彩Meanwhile Cooper and Violet. Oh lordy what to say about these two? Violet is one messed up therapist that is for sure! She’s so great at giving other’s advice on their relationships and marriages, yet when it comes to her own she’s terrible! I was glad Cooper this week decided he was just done being there for her when she once again ran back to her Ex. Violet finally realized what she was doing, walked away from the ex, but then went groveling to Coop asking why he wasn’t there for her today? Waa waa waa!

鼎宝福彩Sam and Naomi meanwhile have seemed to realize they can’t continue to act like they are the cool divorced parents and that the divorce doesn’t hurt and suck. I get the feeling they are going to try and hook Sam up with the Chief at the hospital.